The Elyon Headstart Has Begun - Full Release on October 20th 1

The Elyon Headstart Has Begun – Full Release on October 20th

The Elyon full free-to-play release is almost here and will be available to everyone on Wednesday this week. The headstart is already underway for players who bought any of the Founders Packs after some minor technical issues.

Elyon was originally set to release last month but pushed back the date to avoid a crash with Amazon’s New World.

Kakao Games will be running launch streams on Twitch the whole week and a full stream schedule can be found on the official site.

The official launch of the game is nearly here, with headstart not even a day away! Of course, this demands a worthy celebration, which is why we will be streaming every day from Sunday, October 17 until Thursday, October 21 on Twitch.

In the coming days, we have a lot in store for you: we will dive together into the world of Elyon, have invited guests to join our journey, and Elyon Night Live is making its comeback as well! Naturally, there’s more, but we would not want to spoil the fun just yet.

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