Elyon is Now Live For All Player in the West 1

Elyon is Now Live For All Player in the West

The Korean MMORPG Elyon has now launched in the west. The game got a small patch on launch day to fix a couple of minor issues and turned on rankings.

For the next two weeks, there will be Twitch Drops to celebrate the launch of Elyon.


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  1. It’s a worthless game from NCSoft who really won’t work on their system to let people like me register or sign up to play the game and they repeatably say that it is they’re security system and nothing they can do about it along with telling you to try a different browser or your using a vpn lmao I have never used a VPN and the 3 browser are up to date….. And the even more funnier part of it is I used to play GW1 and GW2 along with beta test for them years ago

  2. I would like to say this after checking out the game iI was wrong in what i said it is not the one that NCSoft just rolled out my bad

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