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The Leveling Experience in Shadowlands

The Leveling Experience in Shadowlands

A new blue post from Blizzard has revealed new information on the leveling process in Shadowlands.

New players will go through the starting experience which will take them through the fundamentals of the game, before moving onto BFA content that will take them to level 50.

It’s here that you’ll begin to face the challenges the island presents, each increasing in difficulty as you work your way through your first 10 levels. As you progress, you’ll begin to learn more about using the new skills and abilities at your disposal. At the culmination of your adventure, you’ll face two new bosses in a “mini-dungeon” designed for 1 to 5 players.

Old player will have the option to skip the starting experience and can move on to any of the previous expansions which which will then take them to 50, before heading into the Shadowlands.

Allied races, Death Knights and Demon Hunter will all start at level 10.

Players with Allied race characters, Death Knights and Demon Hunters will automatically begin at level 10 and play through their own starting experience.