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The 10 Most Nostalgia Inducing Vanilla WoW Videos

The 10 Most Nostalgia Inducing Vanilla WoW Videos

Have endless hours of grinding and min-maxing made you lose those rose-tinted glasses you were sporting at the release of Classic WoW?

Well, maybe some old-school WoW videos from the annals of the internet can bring back some memories of why you enjoyed the game in the first place.

Below we have made a top 10 list of our favorite 360p pixelated vanilla WoW videos. Leave a comment below with your favorite!

10. Vurtne Frost Mage

Mages were and are maybe the most played class in classic / vanilla WoW. I’m sure Vurtne has had a hand at making the class so popular.

9. Illegal Danish Super Snacks

One of the most popular WoW machinima of all time. It is said that the video took over 1.500 hours combined to produce.

8. Swifty Incredible Warrior Tricks

Swifty was one of the first superstars in WoW, and one of the few that is still making content on Youtube and Twitch.

7. That’s the World of Warcraft That You Play

Classic World of Warcraft summaries in a horrible song that will be stuck on your mind for weeks after watching.

6. Southshore Inn

This “sitcom” by Felicia Day of “The Guild” fame was acutally not released until earlier this year, but it still brings some serious vanilla feels.

5. Onyxia Wipe Animation

The audio from this usuccesfull Onyxia raid even made it into the Deadly Boss Mods mod.

4. The Craft of War: Blind

A piece of WoW machinima with some great animations and sound effects.

The Craft of War: BLIND from percula on Vimeo.

3. Leeroy Jenkins

We didn’t want to put this on the list because everyone is sick of it by now, but we kinda had to still.

2. World of Roguecraft

A legendary series of Rogue videos. This series had it all. Humor, good editing (for it’s time), PvP and awesome tunes.

Part 2 and Part 3

1. The Internet is for Porn

I still remember the day my 16 year old me saw this video for the first time.