The WoW Guild Limit is Now Part of Team Liquid 1

The WoW Guild Limit is Now Part of Team Liquid

Team Liquid has taken its first steps into the MMO genre by acquiring the World of Warcraft guild Limit. The guild will change its name to Liquid Guild and will be spearheaded by Liquid’s MMO General Manager Azorea.

Limit Guild is comprised of absolute legends and are the world’s #1 raiding World of Warcraft guild. If anyone can lead us to victory in the MMO space, it’s these folks, and we’re prepared to support them in every way possible. This announcement is part acquisition and part merger, as guild leader Max “Maximum” Smith has also become a co-owner of Team Liquid. From here moving forward, the Limit name shall graciously evolve into Liquid.

The guild will be participating in both WoW and Final Fantasy XIV to begin with, and will already be competing in the next Race to World First in WoW.

Read the full announcement here.

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