Elder Scrolls Online Offers Free Housing Rewards for 10th Anniversary 1

Elder Scrolls Online Offers Free Housing Rewards for 10th Anniversary

As part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) has announced a new promotion titled “Anniversary Spotlight—Hearth & Home,” which runs from today until May 31, 2024. During this period, players can acquire the Sword-Singer’s Redoubt House and additional houseguests at no cost.

Players looking to expand their holdings in Tamriel can obtain the Sword-Singer’s Redoubt by participating in the Daily Login Rewards this May. To claim the house, players need to log in at least three times during the promotional period.

Once the house is claimed, players can purchase various furnishings at a discount in the in-game Crown Store to decorate their new property. Additionally, players have the opportunity to add two unique houseguests to their home without extra charge. The Necrom Guard Miraso is available after players earn the Party Planner achievement, which requires having three players visit the home simultaneously. The Alchemy Houseguest can be obtained by completing the Expert Resin Harvester and Novice Alchemy Furnisher achievements, involving the collection of Alchemical Resin and learning an Alchemy formula.

The promotion also includes an increased focus on housing-related challenges in Daily and Weekly Endeavors, providing players with enhanced rewards for participating. This initiative aims to engage players in the customization and decoration aspects of their homes.

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