Legends of Aria Classic Open Beta Begins May 3rd, Relaunch on May 9th 1

Legends of Aria Classic Open Beta Begins May 3rd, Relaunch on May 9th

Legends of Aria is set to reintroduce its Classic version with an open beta starting on May 3rd at 2 PM EST, available via Steam. The beta event will continue until midnight EST on May 7th, providing players an opportunity to explore the game’s classic setup and participate in stress-testing the new server hardware. Following the conclusion of the beta, the servers will be reset in preparation for the official launch scheduled for May 9th.

This beta phase is crucial for testing the game’s server stability and gathering player feedback on game mechanics. Players’ experiences and observations during this period will be essential for fine-tuning the gameplay in preparation for the official release.

Post-launch, Legends of Aria Classic will adopt a subscription-based model. The game will be free for the first 30 days following its launch. After this initial period, a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 will be required, which will be managed through Steam. This model is intended to support ongoing game development and maintenance. Additionally, new accounts created after the initial free period will receive a 7-day trial with certain limitations, allowing new players to experience the game before making a commitment.

The development team is also seeking volunteers to help build and update the Legends of Aria Classic Wiki. This resource aims to support both new and returning players by providing detailed information on game mechanics and updates. Contributions to the wiki are encouraged during the open beta, enabling players to share insights and strategies.

Legends of Aria is returning to its roots with a gameplay experience based on its 2019 pre-Steam Early Access ruleset, emphasizing player-created content and dynamic player interactions. This relaunch is an invitation to both long-time fans and new players to engage with the game’s community and contribute to the evolving world of Aria.

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