SWG Legends Marks Star Wars Day with Special Promotions and Giveaways 1

SWG Legends Marks Star Wars Day with Special Promotions and Giveaways

SWG Legends is commemorating Star Wars Day by launching a series of promotions and giveaways that appeal to fans of the Star Wars universe. The event aims to bring together enthusiasts of all Star Wars eras to celebrate their shared interest in the franchise.

The celebration includes a giveaway featuring items such as Prima’s Official Strategy Guides for Star Wars Galaxies and Jump to Lightspeed. These guides, filled with comprehensive gameplay tips, along with SWG Legends stickers, are up for grabs. Fans are encouraged to participate by engaging with SWG Legends’ posts on their main social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter (now X), and Instagram, from Friday to Monday.

Participants have multiple chances to win by liking, sharing, and commenting with the hashtags #StarWarsGalaxies #SWGLegends. Each action on these platforms counts as an entry into the giveaway, increasing the likelihood of winning.

Additionally, SWG Legends is offering a “double everything” event, allowing players to earn double XP, tokens, and other in-game rewards until the next server restart on Monday. This provides an excellent opportunity for players to advance their characters and enjoy enhanced gameplay.

Furthermore, the 9000 Z001 Landspeeder, known for its unique design and maneuverability, is available again for a limited time. This event gives players a chance to acquire a classic in-game vehicle that may have been missed previously.

The in-game festivities extend to Cloud City, where players can interact with characters such as the Ugnaughts to earn rewards, and search for valuable items in MagSeal containers scattered throughout Bespin.

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