Tonberry-tide Approaches: FFXIV's Latest Seasonal Event Features Surprising Guests 1

Tonberry-tide Approaches: FFXIV’s Latest Seasonal Event Features Surprising Guests

Old Gridania is abuzz with excitement as the Tonberries get ready to join in on the egg-themed fun of this year’s Hatching-tide event in Final Fantasy XIV. Starting from March 27, 2023, players can participate in a range of quests and mini-games to earn special items and equipment themed around the iconic creatures.

The event begins with a quest called “Get Along and Play Knife,” which sees players team up with Jihli Aliapoh to find out why the Tonberries are interested in the festivities. From there, players can earn Archon Eggs by completing special FATEs, which can then be exchanged for Tonberry-themed equipment at the seasonal event vendor. And if you complete all of the event quests, you’ll even unlock a new emote called “Frighten.”

But it’s not all just about the Tonberries – players can also collect a variety of egg-themed items, including the Pa-Paya Demastered Orchestrion Roll and the Hippity-hoppity Hatching-tide Advertisement. And once you’ve completed all of the quests, a new mini-game will be added to the Toy Box for even more egg-citing fun.

While this year’s event is certainly different from previous iterations, with Tonberries taking center stage, there’s still plenty of egg-themed decor to enjoy throughout the game world. So don’t miss out on the Tonberry-tide, and head on over to Old Gridania to join in on the fun.

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