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Update on Riot Games’ MMO Project: Strategic Direction Shift Announced

Update on Riot Games’ MMO Project: Strategic Direction Shift Announced

Marc Merrill, co-founder of Riot Games, provided an update today on the company’s in-development MMO project, addressing the community’s anticipation and ongoing support. Through a series of tweets, Merrill assured fans that the project is actively being worked on, while also sharing news of a significant change in its development direction.

The reassessment of the project’s initial vision has led to a deliberate pivot towards creating an experience that differs substantially from existing MMOs. According to Merrill, the original concept was too similar to what’s currently available, prompting the need for a shift to ensure the game stands out, especially within the rich setting of Runeterra and in meeting player expectations globally.

As part of this new direction, Fabrice Condominas has been introduced as the new Executive Producer. With a background at companies like Riot, BioWare, and EA, Condominas is expected to bring a new perspective and expertise in crafting immersive worlds, aligning with the project’s renewed goals.

The groundwork for this developmental pivot has been laid over the past year, under the management of Vijay Thakkar, who now assumes the role of Technical Director. The team expresses gratitude for Thakkar’s leadership and looks forward to his continued contributions.

In light of these changes, Merrill communicated that the project would enter a prolonged period of reduced public communication, describing this time as necessary for the team to concentrate on development. This “going dark” period is anticipated to last several years, with the intention of minimizing distractions and focusing on the extensive work ahead.

The update ends with a message of appreciation for the community’s patience and trust, emphasizing the team’s commitment to delivering a groundbreaking game.