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Warframe Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary with Devstream Retrospective and TennoCon Announcement

Warframe Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary with Devstream Retrospective and TennoCon Announcement

Warframe, the popular third-person shooter game, has officially turned 10 years old, and developers Digital Extremes celebrated this momentous occasion with Devstream 169 on 22nd March. The Devstream not only featured the usual housekeeping announcements, but also gave players a glimpse of what to expect with the upcoming Duviri update. It also took a retrospective look at what Warframe has achieved in the past decade.

In celebration of the anniversary, players can look forward to Dex items, Anniversary Alerts, and Boosters, which will be available from March to August, culminating in TennoCon, an all-day physical event happening on August 26 in London, Ontario. TennoCon 2023 marks the long-awaited return to in-person festivities for Warframe. Digital packs, live streams, and prizes/giveaways will also be available for those unable to attend the event in person.

The Duviri update promises a host of new content, and the Devstream showcased some sneak peeks. The Mounted Dax and Orowyrm fight were previewed, along with a tease of Soulframe, a work-in-progress addition to the game.

Warframe’s 10 Year Anniversary also offers returning anniversary rewards, including skins, weapons, and noggles. There will also be new in-game events over the 10 weeks leading up to TennoCon.

In addition to this, there will be a community showcase competition where players can recreate their favourite Warframe moment for a chance to win big.

Warframe has come a long way since its inception in 2013, with its popularity growing year on year. Digital Extremes have given back to the community through charitable donations, campaigns, and conventions. The development team has taken the time to engage with its players, and the Devstreams have given players a glimpse of the development process behind-the-scenes.

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As part of the 10 Year Anniversary celebrations, the annual TennoCon event will be returning on August 26th in London, Ontario. This year’s event promises to be an immersive, all-day experience for attendees, featuring panels, workshops, and tournaments.

For those unable to attend in person, there will be Digital Packs available, as well as livestreams of the event and plenty of prizes and giveaways.

TennoCon has become a highlight of the Warframe community’s calendar, with previous events featuring major announcements, reveals, and exclusive in-game items. Fans can expect this year’s event to be no different, with the developers teasing new content and surprises in store for attendees.

Tickets for TennoCon 2023 go on sale on April 5th at 2 p.m. ET on the official TennoCon website, and fans are advised to act fast, as tickets are expected to sell out quickly. Whether attending in person or tuning in from home, TennoCon promises to be a celebration of all things Warframe and the incredible community that has grown around it over the past decade.