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Warframe Devstream 170 Overview: Duviri Paradox and Future Updates

Warframe Devstream 170 Overview: Duviri Paradox and Future Updates

Warframe’s latest update, the Duviri Paradox, has been the focus of Devstream 170, which provided players with an overview of what they can expect from this new content. During the stream, the development team addressed concerns about stability issues and bugs, and shared information about upcoming releases.

One of the most exciting revelations was the introduction of a new Warframe, Kullervo, which is expected to be released soon. The team also showcased Kullervo’s signature shotgun, a new deluxe heavy blade skin, and a Kullervo-styled Syandana. In addition, the stream featured a sneak peek at the upcoming Gauss Deluxe Skin, which comes with an Acceltra Deluxe Skin and Syandana, as well as new Kaithe cosmetics.

Warframe Devstream 170 Overview: Duviri Paradox and Future Updates 1

The team also addressed questions from the community about the Duviri Paradox update. They spoke about plans to add more decrees, a gardening system, and a possible story-less version of Duviri for side objectives and resource farming. The team also mentioned that new mission types will be added to the Undercroft in the future.

Despite the bugs and stability issues, the development team is pleased with how the Duviri Paradox has turned out. They credit the excellent voice acting talent, which includes Wolf Newton as Dominus Thrax, Kevin Lim as Bombastine, and Sean Phillips as Teshin, among others.

Finally, the stream announced the launch of the TennoCon 2023 Digital Pack, which includes a TennoCon 2023 Syandana, TennoCon 2023 Rapier Skin and Destreza (+ weapon slot), Lotus Floof, TennoCon 2023 Display and Glyph, Platinum and One Regal Aya, and access to the special Baro Ki’Teer Relay.

Overall, the Devstream 170 provided a comprehensive overview of the Duviri Paradox update and what players can expect from Warframe in the future. The team’s commitment to addressing bugs and adding new content is a testament to their dedication to providing players with an excellent gaming experience.