Warframe Devshorts Recap: Key Updates and Insights into Warframe and Soulframe 1

Warframe Devshorts Recap: Key Updates and Insights into Warframe and Soulframe

Warframe Devshorts Recap: Key Updates and Insights into Warframe and Soulframe

In the recent “WARFRAME | Devshorts 2: More Post-WITW and Soulframe on the Clock!” episode, the Warframe development team shared several significant updates and insights regarding both Warframe and the upcoming Soulframe.

Warframe Updates:

  1. Hotfix Deployment: A crucial hotfix was launched to address critical cross-save fixes and other essential updates. This step is pivotal before the reactivation of the cross-save feature.
  2. Cross-Save Feature: The team emphasized the importance of resolving specific fixes before reinstating the cross-save function. Alongside technical fixes, they are also working on enhancing the user experience to make the process more intuitive for players.
  3. Performance Improvements: Discussions included the ongoing efforts to improve game loading times, with notable improvements already observed in the “Whispers in the Walls” update.
  4. Netr Cell Drop Rates and Spawns: Acknowledging community feedback, the team confirmed they are aware of issues related to netr cell drop rates and spawn rates and are actively working on resolving them.

Soulframe Updates:

  1. Development Progress: Steve Sinclair, playfully dubbed the ‘Soulframe influencer’, shared insights into the ongoing development of Soulframe. This included discussing coding and gameplay aspects he encountered during his live streams.
  2. Hotfix and Testing: The team is finalizing the ability to perform hotfixes on Soulframe without affecting the development process, which is crucial for seamless updates.
  3. Community Engagement: Sinclair’s streaming sessions were highlighted as part of the development process, offering a glimpse into the game’s evolution and engaging the community in its journey.

Warframe Gameplay Elements:

  1. Graphical Enhancements: Plans to enhance the game’s graphics were mentioned, including improving light leaks and fog rendering.
  2. Clan Operation and Currency: The ongoing clan operation was discussed, along with the extension of the in-game store for additional time after the event, allowing players to spend their earned currency.

The episode concluded with a promise of more detailed information in an upcoming January devstream. This session will provide further insights into Warframe’s ongoing developments and address community questions more comprehensively.

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