Warframe Drops Cinematic for "The New War" Expansion Coming December 15th 1

Warframe Drops Cinematic for “The New War” Expansion Coming December 15th

Warframe’s next expansion titled The New War will be released on December 15th and yesterday we got a peek at what we can expect with a brand new cinematic trailer.

The expansion will be the biggest story expansion in the game yet. It will also introduce new playable characters, weapons, and the Sentient-Frame hybrid Caliban among other things.

Coming to all platforms on December 15, 2021, The New War heralds Warframe’s biggest cinematic expansion — and the darkest chapter yet in the conflict against Erra and the Sentients. Embark on an epic Quest across an expansive new adventure, as you race to unite the factions and discover the most dramatic conflict burning in the Origin System – the one within yourself.

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