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Wayfinder Unveils Exciting Job Board Preview and Q1 Roadmap for 2024

Wayfinder Unveils Exciting Job Board Preview and Q1 Roadmap for 2024

In an exciting start to the New Year, the Wayfinder team has energized its player base with the live launch of the Job Board Preview and an extensive update on the Q1 Roadmap for 2024.

Job Board Preview Now Live:

The eagerly anticipated Job Board Preview offers Wayfinder players a fresh source of XP for their characters and weapons, alongside their Reward Tower. This new feature is more than just a progress booster; it’s a treasure trove of memory fragments, gloomstone shards, dyes, cosmetics, and more.

Wayfinder Unveils Exciting Job Board Preview and Q1 Roadmap for 2024 1

The Wayfinder team encourages players to dive into these jobs and share their experiences, be it the enjoyment of the tasks, innovative ideas for future jobs, or reporting any encountered bugs. Players can share their feedback on a dedicated Feature Upvote Board at

In light of this new feature, the team has slightly adjusted the Reward Tower XP rates, a move that will be closely monitored for both short-term and long-term effects.

Q1 Roadmap Reveals Major Developments:

Wayfinder’s Q1 of 2024 is set to be a monumental period, filled with significant updates and new features. The roadmap, discussed in detail in their final 2023 dev stream, includes:

Wayfinder Unveils Exciting Job Board Preview and Q1 Roadmap for 2024 2
  1. Job Board: A foundational system offering daily and weekly rewards, including exclusive items and cosmetics in the future.
  2. Armory Rank: A new progression mechanic where leveling a weapon to 30 gains an armory rank, leading to bonuses like base weapon stat increases and more echo sockets. The initial max rank is set at 20.
  3. Archetype System: Introducing the Archetype Accolade track, this system will reward players with bonuses like increased equipment level and archetype-specific passives. A subsequent version will feature an Archetype Talent Tree for deeper customization.
  4. Mythic Hunts: Designed to challenge veterans, these hunts offer increased accessory and crafting component drop rates, along with new items and Black Gloomstone drops.
  5. Frostmarch Expansion: This expansion doubles the size of the current playable area, filled with challenges, quests, events, world bosses, and secrets.
  6. Mounts: Enhancing mobility, mounts will enable players to traverse the new expansive zones with ease.
  7. Grendel + New Reward Tower: Inclusion of Grendel and an associated Reward Tower, available to all players with the FS2 Reward Tower in their founder’s pack.

The climax of these updates will be the launch of Wayfinder’s first 6-player Raid in early Q2, allowing players to gear up for this highly anticipated end-game content.

Other Notable Updates:

In addition to these major features, the team remains committed to hotfixing for improved performance, server optimizations, balance adjustments, and bug fixes.

Patch Notes Highlights:

  • Daily and Weekly Jobs are accessible after completing specific quests, with Job Boards located in key locations.
  • Performance has been enhanced with mouse smoothing now OFF by default.
  • Various bug fixes, including issues with the Gloom Collapse mutator and the Mines crash, have been addressed.