Warhaven's Sunset: Nexon Closes Medieval War Game in April After Brief Stint 1

Warhaven’s Sunset: Nexon Closes Medieval War Game in April After Brief Stint

In a surprising yet somewhat anticipated move, Nexon, has announced the closure of its ambitious multiplayer medieval war game, Warhaven. Despite a promising start and substantial efforts by the developers to refine the gameplay, the title will be shutting down on April 5th, 2024, just six months following its Steam Early Access launch.

Warhaven, which gained initial traction with its unique blend of medieval PvP warfare, had been undergoing rigorous bug fixes and gameplay balancing by the Nexon team. Despite these efforts, the game has struggled to maintain a sustainable player base, leading to its eventual downfall.

The game’s journey began with its first alpha test in 2021 and transitioned into a global early access phase in 2023. It reached an all-time high of 10,456 concurrent players on its launch day. However, these numbers steeply declined over time, with daily peaks dropping to the low hundreds – a clear sign of dwindling interest from the gaming community.

Nexon’s official statement thanked players and supporters for their dedication and love for Warhaven. The developers expressed their gratitude and sorrow, acknowledging the effort invested in creating a game that was hoped to be enjoyed over a longer period.

The Warhaven team’s statement highlighted the immediate suspension of WP charge (Warhaven’s in-game currency) and promised to provide further details about the shutdown schedule in the near future. While no specific reasons for the closure were provided, the gaming community speculates that the decision was influenced by the game’s declining player base and possibly other internal factors.


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