Wayfinder's Global Closed Beta: Invites Unleashed Worldwide 1

Wayfinder’s Global Closed Beta: Invites Unleashed Worldwide

Following a series of successful technical tests and previous closed betas, the team at Digital Extremes has revealed the launch date for Wayfinder’s eagerly anticipated Global Closed Beta. The closed beta testing period will commence on Wednesday, May 24, at 10 a.m. CT and conclude on Monday, May 29, at 10 a.m. CT. The test will be available on Steam, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Open to players worldwide, the Wayfinder team is particularly excited to show off some of the top community-requested features for this new game iteration. Among the updates are an all-new jump dash, movement speed increases, a camera system overhaul, and much more. Further details about these new implementations can be found on the official website.

Players who have participated in previous technical tests or closed betas will automatically gain access to the Global Closed Beta without needing to sign up again. For newcomers, there’s still time to sign up on the website to join the beta testing and help shape Wayfinder before Early Access.

Returning testers will have the opportunity to explore the characters Kyros and Senja, their Signature Weapons, two new boss Hunts, and many new performance optimizations. Additionally, testers will also note significant changes to the user interface. It’s important to note that account progress from previous tests has been reset, and any progress made during this Global Closed Beta will not carry over to Early Access, scheduled for later this summer.

As the Wayfinder team takes a crucial step in development, they encourage testers to follow their Twitter page and join the Private Discord Server for updates and to engage with the community. However, they emphasize that the Global Closed Beta remains under a strict Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA). Experiences and feedback should be shared only within the private testing Discord channel provided in the invite email.

With the community’s feedback having proved invaluable to date, the Wayfinder team is eager to continue listening to users throughout this Global Closed Beta. The ultimate goal: to create a game that meets, and surpasses, the expectations of players worldwide. The world of Evenor awaits its new adventurers on May 24.

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