Legendary Weapons Update Arrives in Broken Ranks 1

Legendary Weapons Update Arrives in Broken Ranks

Whitemoon Games has announced the latest update for their MMORPG, Broken Ranks, which allows players to upgrade epic weapons to legendary status. This update is part of a broader initiative by the Polish developer to implement community-driven improvements throughout May.

Starting in March, Whitemoon Games began rolling out updates focused on player suggestions and quality-of-life enhancements. The first installment of these community updates has been implemented, signaling the company’s commitment to player feedback.

Legendary Weapons Update Arrives in Broken Ranks 2

On April 24th, a significant update was released, much to the excitement of the game’s veteran community. This update introduced the ability for players to enhance their epic weapons to a legendary level, known as “legends.”

To upgrade their weapons, players must meet certain requirements and explore a new area called the Forge of Fate. The legendary weapons feature not only a new visual design and effects but also improved parameters and properties. Notably, these weapons include an additional attack circle, expanding the typical combat action options from five to six.

Detailed information about the legendary weapons’ features is accessible on the Broken Ranks website.

The update also includes the release of multimedia content on the website, offering players insights into the creation and visual enhancement of the epic to legendary weapons.

In addition to the weapon upgrades, Whitemoon Games has planned a series of events for May. These events are designed to provide substantial experience gains for players’ characters, pets, and special gear, making it an opportune time for former players to reengage with the game.

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