AQ3D Introduces Upcoming Oracle Class 1

AQ3D Introduces Upcoming Oracle Class

AdventureQuest 3D is set to expand its class roster with the introduction of the Oracle Class. This new class is designed to offer both offensive and supportive capabilities, making it versatile for solo and team gameplay.

The Oracle is described as a mystical being capable of manipulating the threads of fate to its advantage. With abilities such as Cosmic Shadow, Reset Variance, Time Vortex, Threads of Fate, and Cosmic Reverberation, the Oracle class is built to inflict damage and control the battlefield.

Core Abilities Overview:

  • Cosmic Shadow: This attack sends a spectral spear through multiple enemies, applying a debuff called “Bad Omen.”
  • Reset Variance: Allows the Oracle to reset their cooldowns by achieving kills, facilitating continuous use of abilities.
  • Time Vortex: A spell that slows down enemies and increases the damage they receive through the stacking “Bad Omen” debuff.
  • Threads of Fate: An ultimate skill that reduces an enemy’s health by 50%, with limitations against bosses.
  • Cosmic Reverberation: A cross skill that marks an enemy and heals allies attacking that target.

Oracles are designed to perform well in various combat scenarios, utilizing their debuffs and area-of-effect skills to enhance their effectiveness in group and solo settings.

The development team notes that the Oracle Class is currently in the testing phase, and adjustments may be made before its official release. They also acknowledge the delays in development but express their commitment to refining the class before launch.

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