Wurm Online Combat Update Is Live 1

Wurm Online Combat Update Is Live

The Combat update for Wurm Online is now live. The general changes to combat are:

  • Separated defensive stances from attack stances
  • Defending the direction a creature attacks is key to winning the fight
  • Defending any of the adjacent directions will defend against diagonal attacks (for example, defending either top or left to defend against an upper-left attack will be effective)
  • Autofight will now use the new stance system, however with a lesser effectivity than a player would
  • Critical hits are now enabled in PvE combat and deal 150% of the original damage
  • Shield blocking rate when fighting multiple opponents at once was increased

The update promises to make combat more interactive. Full patch notes can be found here.

A new achievement system was also added consisting of 80 different achievements for players to earn.

Wurm Online Combat Update Is Live 2

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