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Wurm Online Undergoes Major Rebranding, Leadership Changes, and Introduces an In-Game Shop

In a comprehensive letter to the Wurm Online community, Krister Elmgren, CEO of Game Chest Group, outlined major updates, leadership changes, and the unveiling of an exciting new branding for the beloved MMO, Wurm Online.

The new branding, set to go live at the end of the month, has been meticulously designed to encapsulate the unique spirit of the game and its vibrant community. Elmgren expressed his belief that this fresh identity would further enhance the players’ experiences and provide a sturdy foundation for the game’s continued evolution.

Among the major updates is the introduction of an in-game shop that can be accessed at any time and anywhere. This development, focusing on accessibility and convenience, will feature a broader array of in-game items, including new skins, timed discounts, and special events. However, with this new feature, the game’s trader contracts will be discontinued. While refunds will not be applicable, existing traders will remain in the game as a historical tribute, and any current deed-related discounts will remain valid. Items offering deed discounts will also feature in the new shop to maintain a level playing field for new players.

Elmgren also announced some key changes in the leadership roles. As the search for a suitable Product Director continues, Elmgren himself will take up the role, handling all aspects of Human Resources planning and execution. Samool will step into the Product Manager role, planning and executing development from a product perspective. Willow/Pomona is promoted to Head Game Master, a testament to her deep understanding of the game and impressive leadership abilities. She will also helm the marketing and community team.

Elmgren extended his appreciation to the outgoing Head Game Master, Enki, who’s stepping into retirement, acknowledging his significant contributions to the game. He also recognized the efforts of Keenan, the volunteer Product Manager, whose passion and expertise have been instrumental to the Wurm Online team. While Keenan will be stepping down, he will continue to contribute in an Advisory role.

Looking ahead, Elmgren shared plans to broaden the world of Wurm Online. The new website, currently in the works, will host a marketplace to showcase unique aspects of the game, and also serve as a platform to enhance the game’s lore and history. The website will also feature a dedicated community page and a character dashboard to manage all accounts.

In closing, Elmgren expressed his commitment to the game and its community, acknowledging the relentless dedication and creativity of its players. Inviting volunteers to run their social media and contribute content, he concluded, “Together, let’s show the world what they’ve been missing and that even underdogs can bark!”

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