14 Tips For New World Newbies 1

14 Tips For New World Newbies

Discovering a new MMORPG is one of the most fun things you can experience as a player. Noobing, on the other hand, is not.

Realizing that you’ve done something wrong and saying “I wish I knew that from the beginning” is bothersome, to say the least. These tips will make the start of your New World adventure more enjoyable.

Turn PvP on/off as necessary

14 Tips For New World Newbies 2
Pressing “U” while in a Town will turn off or on PvP

Instead of weighing in the pros and cons of playing flagged/unflagged for PvP, turn it on or off based on the situation at hand. If you are playing outside peak hours when the server is not that populated, flag yourself for PvP to get an extra 10% XP from any activity.

If you play in the evening when the majority of players come online thirsty for blood, put PvP off and spare yourself the trouble. If you do want the bonus, consider playing near a respawn location so you don’t have to travel that far in case you get killed. You can turn PvP on/off while you are in a settlement.

Craft bags instead of buying

New World has various types of bags that you can buy or craft. The latter is the preferred way to go, especially in the beginning when you don’t have that much money.

Crafting bags requires a material called Rune of Holding. There are several types of runes. All of them are bought from the faction shop for faction tokens and gold. If you don’t want or cannot craft the bags yourself, ask another player. Maybe they will give a better deal than the trading post.

Don’t ignore Town Projects

14 Tips For New World Newbies 3
Town Projects can be a great source of XP.

Town Projects are large-scale missions that require players to complete various tasks. The purpose of these projects is to upgrade settlements.

The Town Project Board lists all available tasks. These include crafting specific items, killing mobs, turning in materials, etc. These are the MMO drills we all know and tolerate. The tasks may not be the most exciting but they are easy to complete and the rewards make them worthwhile. You will find the Project Board near the Town Hall in any settlement.

Find your favorite weapons and stick with them

14 Tips For New World Newbies 4

In New World, weapons level as well. The more you use a weapon, the faster you level it. In the beginning, leveling goes quickly and you can use pretty much any weapon you like. This is the time to experiment with all the weapons.

By level 10-15, you should find your weapons of choice and become an expert at using them. Weapon leveling becomes slower as you advance and you don’t want to get close to max character level with under-leveled weapons.

Learn how the combat works

Getting XP in New World is not primarily based on killing mobs as in most MMORPGs. The amount of XP you get from fishing, cooking, chopping down trees, etc is significant towards character leveling. 

Players don’t fight and kill as many mobs as in other games. That’s why you might be tempted to skip activities that require fighting and get to a pretty high level without knowing the ins and outs of combat. New World has action-based combat. Moves such as dodging require practice. Learn how to aim, how stamina works, how to block, and you will have an easier time when you get to higher levels or when you PvP.

Don’t neglect crafting

Many New World players come from MMOs that have a leveling system based on “kill x monsters” or “gather x items” type of quests. The tendency is to powerlevel with quests and mob grinding and don’t worry about professions until you get to max level. This is not the way to go in Aeternum.

As we’ve said earlier, the XP that comes from what we normally consider professions in other games is on par with what you get from quests. New World leveling is a combination of gathering, crafting, killing monsters, and questing. Whenever you have the mats to craft something, go for it!

Fast travel is your friend

14 Tips For New World Newbies 5

One of the most notable differences between New World and other MMORPGs is the lack of mounts. The world is filled with things to do, places to see, but getting around is not easy.

Fortunately, fast travel exists. Unfortunately, you have to discover a location before fast traveling to it and pay for the ticket with Azoth. You can get a discount on the traveling fee based on the company and faction so look into that sooner rather than later. Take advantage of the inn recall because it’s free.

Start doing Expeditions as soon as possible

That would be around level 25 when the first Expedition becomes available. These five-player dungeons are great for XP. There is no matchmaking tool so you’ll have to rely on good ol’ social interaction to find a party.

If a group member is close to the entrance, all other members get ported there automatically. One of the party members must have a dungeon-specific item called Tuning Orb. These orbs are crafted and obtained from quests.

Attribute points reset it free up to level 20

Don’t worry about how you spend your attribute points before level 20. You can reset at any time for free. Invest the points as soon as you obtain them to boost your attributes of choice. Mix and match, experiment with different builds, just do anything that crosses your mind until you find your favorite play style.

After level 20, respecing costs coins. This is the basic currency obtained from rewards, drops, selling items, and so on.

Choose your faction before level 10

14 Tips For New World Newbies 6

The first thing you should know is that the faction choice does not influence your character development. The choice is cosmetic and personal. You gain benefits from being a faction member so join a faction as soon as you can.

There are a few things to keep in mind before making a decision. Players can interact only with members of the same faction. Members of the other two factions are enemies in PvP. Factions fight in territory wars for area control and the benefits that come with it.

Storage sheds are not linked

In each settlement, you will find a storage shed where you can store items. A shed has a weight limit. Storage sheds are not linked across settlements.

New World’s player banking system works differently. It’s not pretty, but we have no other way than to deal with it. Remember in which settlement you store certain items as you cannot retrieve them from another settlement. The good news is that you can use crafting mats at crafting stations directly from your storage unit.

Keep your bags as light as possible

Items in New World have an associated weight. Carrying too much weight will slow you down and it will also increase the fast travel fee. Just like in real life, extra luggage comes at extra costs.

Storage management is important. Don’t fill your bags with unnecessary junk. That’s what the storage shed is for. Remember to store the items you don’t need right away before fast traveling to reduce the costs.

Keep your tools sharp

New World has fishing poles for fishing, sickles for harvesting, axes for cutting trees, pickaxes for mining, and knives for skinning. Tool quality ranges from tier 1 to tier 5. As you can imagine, higher-tier tools are better.

They are also expensive to craft. However, it’s worth it. Make sure to have the highest tool tier you can afford. It’s a good idea to save your mats and prioritize tool upgrading at early levels.

Don’t rush into buying a house

14 Tips For New World Newbies 7

Being a homeowner comes with benefits but it’s not free. You need at least 10 standing in the territory where you want to live. You also need to buy the house and pay for the weekly property tax.

The greatest advantage would be the extra storage space but, if your inventory management is on point, you can live without it until you reach a higher level. Houses in New World are instanced so there’s enough space for everyone.

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