New World Talks Progression and Rewards System in Latest "Forged in Aeternum" 1

New World Talks Progression and Rewards System in Latest “Forged in Aeternum”

New World’s latest “Forged in Aeternum: Rewards and Progression.” update brings talks improvements to the game’s progression system and introduces a host of new rewards for players to enjoy.

Crafting progression takes center stage in this update as the New World team strives to strike the delicate balance between fast-paced advancement and a sense of steady growth. Senior Systems Designer Tony Morton provided insights into their efforts to create a more impactful progression system.

Morton recalled their exploration of boosting the first-time craft bonus, a conversation that was filled with excitement and ambition. The team initially considered a significant increase of 5X or even 10X compared to the previous 2X bonus. However, during testing, they quickly realized that such rapid progression would disrupt the leveling curve and undermine the sense of accomplishment. Even after scaling it back to a 5X bonus, the team encountered similar challenges.

Morton noted that even a modest increase from 2X to 3X felt underwhelming compared to their initial grand plans. Nonetheless, the team is satisfied with the current state of crafting progression in New World, which is much smoother than it was at the game’s launch. They have achieved a balance that provides players with a satisfying and enjoyable leveling experience.

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