The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 1
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The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024

Members of the Flat Graphics Society, welcome! On today’s agenda, we have the Best 2D MMOs. Loved by some, ignored by others, these games have found a niche player base in a market dominated by 3D titles.

If you’re looking for a great 2D MMO to sink your teeth into, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best 2D MMOs available on the market today.

We’ll talk about the features that make these games so great, and why you should consider playing them. Your next two-dimensional adventure is right around the corner!

18. Kakele Online

Developer: Viva Games
Release Date: 1 Feb, 2020
Platform: PC, Mac, Android, iOS
For fans of Retro Games, Mobile MMOs

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 2
Kakele is filled with adventure.

Kakele Online is a fantasy MMORPG with retro 2D graphics. Players choose one of the five available classes and are set on an adventure.

The game world is immense. In their travels, players will encounter more than 100 NPCs. Some just spice up the Kakele universe, but others act as quest givers. More than 200 quests are waiting for a resolution.

Challenging PvE content includes at least 10 bosses and hundreds of lesser monsters.

Kakele Online is a relatively new game, it came out in 2020, but the developers are constantly adding content and improving existing features.

17. NexusTK

Developer: Nexon
Release Date: 5 April 1996
Platform: PC, Android
For fans of Korean MMOs, Old-School MMOs

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 3
NexusTK is truly a veteran MMO.

Just when you thought that Tibia and UO are the veteran MMOs here, along comes Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds, a 1996 MMORPG with one of the most hardcore social systems.

Saying that the NexusTK community is tight-knit is an understatement. The leader, officers, and members of a potential clan (guild) must prove that they are indeed a team working towards the same goals before being allowed to create the clan.

NexusTK is not a free-to-play game. The trial lasts until players reach level 49. They will need to pay a subscription fee in order to reach max level 99 and strengthen their characters beyond the level cap.

16. Pixel Starships

Developer: Savy Soda
Release Date: January 6, 2016
Platform: PC, Mac, Andorid, iOS
For fans of Retro Games, Mobile MMOs, Sci-fi

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 4
Pixel Starships features….Pixel Starships.

We just love descriptive titles. Pixel Starships is an MMO with 8-bit graphics and gameplay that allows players to build space ships and take them into battle.

The sci-fi universe is home to several alien races that all share a common destiny: to perish under your power.

PvP scenarios invite players to test their ship-building skills and combat prowess against each other. The social aspects of the game permit players to face challenges as a team.

Pixel Starships implements idle play through situational orders that instruct ships how to react when the commander is offline.

15. LaTale

Developer: Actozsoft
Release Date: 2006
Platform: PC
For fans of Anime MMOs

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 5
LaTale looks simple but features complex gameplay.

It’s the art style that captivates players in the first place, however, LaTale is not a casual MMORPG. It looks cute, but it’s a complex game with many features and mechanics.

For example, the character system has 10 unique classes and more than 50 specializations. Then, we have skill trees and weapon masteries.

Equipment plays a part as well. Pets with unique skills complement their masters.

LaTale has PvE and PvP aplenty, but you can also set up a shop and become a rich merchant.

14. Rogalia

Developer: TatriX
Release Date: December 9, 2016
Platform: PC, Mac
For fans of Crafting

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 6
Rogalia is a crafter’s dream.

Rogalia is here to cater to all crafting 2D MMO fans out there. The game has meal-based character development. Yes, you read that right. Rogalia foods have vitamins. Only with the proper nutrition, your character will achieve new levels.

Players take care of their patch of land. Raising animals and tending crops are viable ways to play the game.

This doesn’t mean that Rogalia is lacking PvE activities and PvP arenas. The economy is under the players’ control.

Rogalia is an 18+ game that features drinking, gambling, immorality, and – sometimes – punishment for overindulging.

13. Shakes and Fidget

Developer: Playa Games
Release Date: June 22, 2009
Platform: PC, Mac, Android, iOS
For fans of Mobile MMOs

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 7
Humor is an important aspect of Shakes and Fidget.

Shakes and Fidget does a wonderful job at unapologetically stampeding all over classic RPG tropes. You are still a hero but don’t take that too seriously. Humor is the name of this comic book-inspired game.

Shakes and Fidget is a lighthearted MMO that can quickly absorb your time and money! Some players criticize the cash shop, but they agree that the gameplay is fun nevertheless. Even as a free player you can progress, but expect a slower-paced experience.

The gameplay includes many funny quests, dungeons, and PvP.

12. Brawlhalla

Developer: Blue Mammoth Games
Release Date: April 30, 2014
Platform: PC, Mac, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS
For fans of Fighting Games

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 8
Brawlhalla is fully crossplay.

Brawlhalla invites all players to an epic tournament to decide who is the superior fighter. And when we say all, we mean that in the literal sense as Brawlhalla is available for PC, mobile, and consoles. The game features cross-platform interaction.

Up to eight combatants will test their skills in various game modes. We have free for all, 4 vs 4, 1 vs 1, capture the flag, and unique modes such as Kung-Foot and Brawlball.

The game also supports local play with shared screen co-op and PvP.

11. My Lands: Black Gem Hunting

Developer: Elyland
Release Date: 2010
Platform: PC, Browser, Android, iOS
For fans of Strategy Games

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 9
My Lands: Black Gem Hunting is a MMORTS.

My Lands: Black Gem Hunting came out in 2010 as a browser-based game. Four years later, it made its way onto Steam and garnered Very Positive reviews. It’s not often that you see the Steam player base appreciating a browser game.

ML: BGM is an MMORTS. Players affiliate themselves with one of the four available factions. They cooperate by forming clans and establishing economic alliances.

The “no grind” design concept allows players to develop settlements and strengthen heroes when they are offline.

Playing against the computer is fairly easy, however, things change when you engage other players. My Lands: Black Gem Hunting hides deep strategy.

10. Tibia

  • Developer: CipSoft
  • Release Date: January 7, 1997
  • Platform: PC, Mac, Browser
  • For fans of Retro Games, Fantasy
The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 10
Tibia is still going strong after 25 years.

It’s the late 90s. Four college students are developing a little game that will become one of the most iconic MMORPGs.

Released in 1997, Tibia still stands with more than 500,000 players. Looking at the gameplay, it’s clear how Tibia influenced the MMOs that followed.

This fantasy game has a character system based on classes, skills, and – the thing that matters the most! – outfits that you can change.

The gameplay revolves around combat. Whether you’re killing monsters for quests, clearing dungeons, running raids, or PvPing, fighting is an integral part of the game.

Regular events show that the game is still active.

9. StarBreak

Developer: Crunchy Games
Release Date: April 13, 2015
Platform: PC, Mac, Browser
For fans of Sci-fi MMOs

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 11
Star Break mixes the MMO and Platform genres.

StarBreak is a strange bird. It’s an MMO platformer with permadeath mechanics. This is something you don’t get to see every day, which makes it a must-try title.

The game is set in a sci-fi world that has numerous explorable locations. You can go alone, but it’s much safer – and more fun! – to go as a team.

Players will face armies of aliens and difficult bosses. StarBreak is a free-to-play MMO with no pay-to-win options. It’s the players’ skills that determine how many rewards they get and how fast they gear up.

8. Dofus/Wakfu

Developer: Ankama
Release Date: February 29, 2012
Platform: PC, Mac, Android, iOS
For fans of Anime MMOs

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 12
Dofus features bright anime-style graphics

Dofus is a 2D MMO that has been around for almost two decades. In that time, it has built up a loyal following of players who enjoy its unique combat system and charming visuals.

Dofus features a turn-based combat system that is simple to learn but difficult to master.

Wakfu is a modern spin-off of Dofus released in 2012. It is set 1000 years after the original and features many of the same features as Dofus.

7. Ashen Empires

Developer: Iron Will Games
Release Date: 1 Apr, 2002
Platform: PC
For fans of Old-School MMOs

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 13
Ashen Empires is a classic that recently made its way on Steam.

Ashen Empires was originally released back in 2002, but didn’t make it onto Steam until 2022. It currently has “Very Positive” reviews on Steam, and is currently seeing a bit of a revival.

The game looks very similar to Ultima Online, which it was inspired by. Its a sandbox game where you can fight monsters, set sail to explore the seas or even construct your own house.

If you are looking for something even more old-school, check out Dransik, the prequel to Ashen Empires, released in 1998.

6. Adventure Quest Worlds

Developer: Artix Entertainment
Release Date: June 2, 2008
Platform: PC, Browser
For fans of Casual Games

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 14
AQW is filled with one liners.

Adventure Quest Worlds is a 2D MMO that is based on the popular Adventure Quest franchise. If you’re a fan of the AQ games, then you’ll feel right at home in AQW.

The game features all of the same great gameplay and visuals that you know and love, but with an MMO twist.

AQW is a great choice for those looking for an MMO with a bit of humor.

5. Realm of the Mad God

Developer: Level Eight, Kabam, Wild Shadow Studios, Spry Fox
Release Date: June 20, 2011
Platform: PC, Mac, Browser
For fans of Retro Games, Browser MMOs

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 15
RotMG looks cute but feels brutal.

Realm of the Mad God is an adorably-looking brutal bullet-hell MMO. It has vintage 8-bit graphics and a mechanic that strikes fear into the heart of every gamer, permadeath. Your character will die, however, the important thing is how it dies and how many enemies it takes to kill it.

ROTMG features 18 classes. From warrior to mage, several fighting styles are available.

The combat is action-based and fast-paced. Players need to team up for boss battles. The stronger the enemy, the better the reward. A myriad of weapons, gear, accessories, and consumables go to the victors.

4. IdleOn

Developer: LavaFlame2
Release Date: 2020
Platform: PC, Android, Browser
For fans of Browser MMOs

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 16
IdleOn turns the MMO experience on its head.

Farming is one of the fundamental MMO mechanics. We don’t like doing the same thing over and over again, yet this is part of the experience and we oblige. Well, that ends now! IdleOn makes farming and grinding offline activities.

Characters can gather resources and kill mobs for XP when players are not actively controlling them. Very Positive Steam reviews stand as testimony that this is not a bad idea.

It means that you can focus on the fun parts of the game, such as completing hilarious quests, running dungeons, and exploring the game world.

3. Dungeon Fighter Online

Developer: Neople
Release Date: August 2005
Platform: PC
For fans of Arcade Games, Street Fighter

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 17
DFO has unique arcade-style gameplay.

Classic arcade gameplay and action combat meet in this side-scrolling beat-em-up from Neople.

Players pick one of the 14 available fighters and unleash devastating attacks against mobs in PvE or other gamers in PvP arenas.

DFO has story quests that tell what happens in this fantasy-anime world.

You can battle fellow players in a 1 vs 1 duel or team up for multiplayer PvP. The fast-paced combat relies on combos. There’s nothing more rewarding than hitting your enemy with a powerful combo accompanied by a spectacular visual effect.

2. Maplestory

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 18
Maplestory is a 2D side-scroller.

Developer: Wizet
Release Date: April 29, 2003
Platform: PC
For fans of Anime MMOs

Maplestory is a 2003-MMORPG from Wizet, a South Korean gaming company. This cutesy anime game comes with an overwhelming class selection that consists of more than 40 unique choices.

The abilities dictate the combat style, but the myriad of cosmetic options make your character stand out from the crowd.

The gameplay features side-scrolling mechanics. Maplestory has great PvE content.

Players traverse the world following quests and dealing with the monsters in dungeons or the open world. From underwater realms to aerial settlements, the world has many intriguing locations and beautiful landscapes that await adventurers and explorers.

1. Ultima Online

Developer: Origin Systems
Release Date: September 24, 1997
Platform: PC
For fans of Old-school MMOs

The 18 Best 2D MMOs to Play in 2024 19
Ultima Online is as classic as a MMO gets.

Ultima Online is unanimously venerated by veteran MMO players. It’s pretty hard for a 25-year-old MMO to appeal to the younger player base, but give Ultima Online a chance and you won’t be sorry.

The enhanced client offers revamped graphics and some accessibility features.

Since 2018, UO has had the Endless Journey mode that allows potential patrons to play for free for as long as they want. However, the f2p experience has many restrictions which make it more like a trial version.

Those are just a few of the best 2D MMOs that you can find on the market today. So what are you waiting for? Go out and give one of these games a try! You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for reading, and we hope you have a great day.

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  1. Maplestory has become P2W. While the game is F2P, players will find level progression tedious and the fun minimized due to competing with whales who’ve dumped tons of IRL money into their characters. Furthermore, compared to what the game was before Big Bang patch aka account security breach, the level progression and PVE challenge is no longer relevant, if existent. The market system is badly broken. Want to afford anything good in the game or trade market? You’re SOL. Maplestory is cute and fun until you really get into the game. Compared to what it used to be, Nexon has destroyed a once-great game that was fun for everyone.

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