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“Age of Water” Prologue Now Available for Free, Full Game Launch Set for April 18th

Gaijin Entertainment and Three Whales Studio have recently announced the release date for their upcoming online adventure game, “Age of Water.” Scheduled to launch on April 18th, the game invites players to explore a post-apocalyptic water world. Ahead of the full game’s release, the developers have made a free prologue available on Steam, titled “Age of Water: The First Voyage.” This offering allows players early access to the beginning stages of the game and the option to wishlist the full version for future updates.

In “The First Voyage,” players start their adventure in a small inflatable boat, arriving in a sector pivotal to the game’s overarching narrative. The prologue introduces players to their crew, offers a selection of gunboats and weapon systems for trial, and presents the challenge of a significant boss fight. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to collect valuable artifacts from the sea floor. Importantly, progress made in the prologue will be saved, enabling players to continue their journey in the full version of “Age of Water” from where they left off.

The availability of “Age of Water: The First Voyage” on Steam provides potential players with a preview of the game’s mechanics and story. It also serves as an invitation to engage with the game’s community and developers by wishlisting the full version, ensuring they receive the latest updates and information leading up to the official launch.

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