Second Phase of Closed Beta Test Begins for Post-Apocalyptic Adventure, Age of Water 1

Second Phase of Closed Beta Test Begins for Post-Apocalyptic Adventure, Age of Water

Developers Gaijin Entertainment and Three Whales Studio has announced the commencement of the second phase of closed beta testing for their online adventure game, Age of Water. Set in a post-apocalyptic water world, the game is offering early access kits for purchase to players who want a guaranteed spot in the beta test. Players who have applied for the free trial on the official website may also be invited to participate.

Age of Water tells the tale of a motorboat captain navigating the vast expanses of a fully-flooded Earth of the future. With humanity confined to settlements built atop the remnants of skyscrapers, the Captain embarks on quests to uncover artifacts from a lost civilization deep beneath the sea. The game involves combating pirates, trading goods for profit, embarking on story missions, and challenging other players in Player versus Player (PvP) battles. Players can also team up with friends to undertake missions. The resources acquired can be used to modify the boat, buy a new hull, or even construct a personal hideout.

The second stage of closed beta testing comes equipped with new content influenced by feedback from the first stage. For instance, players can now attack caravans or protect them from pirates in PvP mode. The Premium and Elite Early Access Packs come with unique Barracuda Team boats that replace the four standard starting boats, and the Elite Pack also includes three Barracuda Team members in place of regular sailors. These Early Access Packs include in-game currency to help newcomers kickstart their adventure. If game progress is wiped out at release, all Early Access Pack owners will begin the game with the same amount of currency.

For a glimpse into the post-apocalyptic world of Age of Water, be sure to check out the Early Access Trailer.

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