Aquatic-Themed MMO Age of Water is Accepting Closed Beta Signups 1

Aquatic-Themed MMO Age of Water is Accepting Closed Beta Signups

Do have a love for the open ocean that you haven’t realized in an MMO yet? Well now’s your chance as The Age of Water, an upcoming aquatic-themed MMO, is looking for players to participate in its closed beta test.

If you’re interested in helping to test this new game and provide feedback, you can sign up now!

Age of Water promises a unique experience that takes players out on the waves to have a post-apocalyptic adventure on the high seas.

The ocean destroyed a once great civilization, but people survived and adapted. They built settlements on the roofs of tall buildings and the tops of other man-made structures. People travel across the ocean in tiny boats and huge combat vessels. The ocean provides everything they need, including extractable resources on the seabed. And yet, the dream of real land is still alive.

From the official Age of Water website.

The gameplay features ship and naval-base building, and battles out on the ocean. See the trailer below for more info.

What do you think of Age of Water? We can’t wait to get started on this new adventure. So dive in and sign up today!

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