Aion & Aion Classic Getting Content Updates 1

Aion & Aion Classic Getting Content Updates

Aion is currently celebrating its 12th Anniversary and will continue the celebrations with content updates for both Aion and Aion Classic.

The 8.0 update will arrive in Aion on September 29th, bringing with it the new Apsaranta zone, the Oath system, Daevanian Passive Skills, Empyrean Lord Relics, and a whole new instance called Heart of Apsaranta

The level cap for Aion will also be raised to level 85. Along with the update the Apsaranta’s Conquest will kick off, giving level 80 characters gear and stigmas to prepare for the new content.

Aion Classic will also be receiving content with the 1.5 update, which is being released on October 13th. A new instance called the Dark Poeta will open up to end-game players, where they can get the powerful Anuhart Equipment and Tahabata Weapons

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