Aion Classic Launches 2.7 Update Introducing Revenant Class and Events 1

Aion Classic Launches 2.7 Update Introducing Revenant Class and Events

Aion Classic has announced a major update, 2.7, which introduces the Revenant class, new items, and updated dungeons. The update was launched on May 9, 2023, and Aion players are already enjoying the new content. The Aion team also announced a series of events to celebrate the update.

The Revenant class is the most exciting addition to the game. They are powerful warriors who specialize in melee combat and are equipped with a unique set of skills. The introductory storyline for the Revenant class is also exciting, giving players a chance to experience the new class in action.

In addition to the new class, the update also brings updated items and dungeons, along with additional class skills. The team has released detailed patch notes and a patch preview to provide players with all the necessary information about the update.

To celebrate the update, Aion Classic has announced several events. The first event is a 7-day free Siel’s Aura for all players. Even players who already have Siel’s Aura will receive an additional 7 days of benefits.

There is also a Siel’s Support Survey event, where players can receive an abundance of benefits by taking a survey when they log in. Another event, the New User Support Welcome Survey event, offers helpful items for advancement through a survey for new players. Players can also participate in a 2.7 Update Login event and Thanks to Daeva Survey event, where they can acquire various items based on accumulated playtime.

Finally, the weekly EXP and AP boosts are back to give players an edge, with Siel Server having an EXP x2 boost and Nezekan Server/Instances (Chantra & Tiak) having an EXP x4 boost. AP x2 and AP x4 boost will be available on weekends for both servers.

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