Albion Online Announces New Server for Europe and MENA Regions in April 2024 1

Albion Online Announces New Server for Europe and MENA Regions in April 2024

Albion Online is set to expand its reach with the introduction of a new server specifically tailored for the Europe and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) regions. Scheduled for launch in April 2024, this move aims to enhance the gaming experience for players in these areas by offering improved connection speeds, lower ping, and event timings optimized for the regional audience.

The upcoming server represents a fresh start for all players, providing a level playing field in an entirely new and separate game world. This initiative reflects Albion Online’s commitment to fostering a global community by accommodating the needs and preferences of players from different regions.

In addition to technical improvements, the new server will support all of Albion Online’s available languages, including the recent additions of Turkish and Arabic. This expansion of language options underscores the game’s ongoing effort to be inclusive and accessible to a wider player base.

Concurrent with the launch of the new server, the existing servers will undergo a renaming process to better reflect their geographic focus: “Albion West” will be renamed to “Albion Americas” and “Albion East” to “Albion Asia.” This reorganization aims to streamline the server selection process for players based on their location.

To celebrate the launch, Albion Online will offer Founder Packs for the new Europe server starting March 11, 2024. These packs will include exclusive items, early access to the server, in-game currency, and premium status, along with the opportunity to reserve character and guild names in advance. This early access and reservation system is designed to ensure that players can secure their preferred in-game identities before the server officially opens.

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