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Albion Online Looks Back On a Huge Year

Albion Online Looks Back On a Huge Year

The isometric sandbox MMORPG Albion Online has certainly had its most successful year so far in 2021, as they grew their player-base to over 270K daily active users after launching the title on mobile back in June.

The mobile launch meant that players could take Albion with them wherever they go and as the mobile version has full cross-platform functionality with the PC version, the game’s player numbers exploded.

The Call to Arms and Lands Awakened updates were also launched in 2021 which introduced a new faction, an updated Faction Warefare system, reworked the open-world of Albion, and made introduced a new weapon line to just name a few of the changes.

New content and features are already in the works and fans of the title can expect more news in a new Dev Talk in the coming weeks.

Read the full update over on the Albion Online site.