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Albion Online Implements Strong Measures Against Cheating: Botting and Speed-Hacking

Albion Online Implements Strong Measures Against Cheating: Botting and Speed-Hacking

Albion Online, one of the most popular MMORPGs, has been taking decisive action against cheaters and unfair gameplay practices. In a recent update, the game developers announced significant progress in curbing speed-hacking and an intensified focus on combating botting activities.

According to the developers, the implementation of technical measures and the addition of more staff members have resulted in a noteworthy decline in speed-hacking reports. As a direct consequence, the game’s resources have been redirected towards addressing other forms of unfair advantages, particularly botting.

Although cheaters have always been a concern in the gaming community, Albion Online has taken a proactive stance in addressing the issue. Since the launch of the game’s new server, Albion East, on March 20, approximately 38,800 accounts have been banned for engaging in illicit activities. These activities include botting, speed-hacking, real-money trading (RMT), scripting, macroing, and similar exploitative practices.

The success in countering speed-hackers has been encouraging for the developers, as they continue to receive a significantly lower number of reports compared to previous periods. This positive trend allows the team to concentrate their efforts on combating bot usage and other forms of automation.

The developers reiterated their commitment to maintaining a fair and balanced gaming environment in Albion Online. They urged players to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities that may grant unfair advantages to other players. Detailed instructions on how to report such behavior can be found at the end of the update.

The update, signed off by the Albion Online team lead, Talion, serves as a reminder that the battle against cheaters requires a collective effort from both the developers and the player community. By working together, they aim to ensure a level playing field for all adventurers in the realm of Albion.