Albion Online Offers Full Language Support for Traditional Chinese and Indonesian in Latest Patch 1

Albion Online Offers Full Language Support for Traditional Chinese and Indonesian in Latest Patch

Sandbox Interactive, the developers of Albion Online, have released their latest patch – Beyond the Veil Patch 4 – Ver. 22.040.1 – on February 13, 2023. The most significant feature of this patch is the addition of two new languages, Traditional Chinese and Indonesian, to Albion Online’s full language support. This means that players can now choose these languages from within the launcher or via the in-game Settings menu. The patch also introduces dedicated chat channels and forums for both languages.

To report any translation issues for these or other supported languages, players can use a dedicated thread. It’s important to note that the store page and achievements on Steam will remain in English for Indonesian players, as Steam doesn’t support Indonesian localization. However, localized achievement names for all languages can be viewed directly in the game client.

In addition to language support, the latest patch also includes the unveiling of the Season 17 statue. The statue, which honors the Take-off-Wuhu guild, winners of Albion’s 17th Guild Season, can be seen in front of Conquerors’ Hall in all Royal Cities. The banners of second- and third-place winners Dancing on the Grave and EQMS EQMS are also included in the statue.

The Beyond the Veil Patch 4 includes a variety of changes and improvements to the game, such as an “Always” option for Streamer Mode popup, reworked and improved ambient sounds for all biomes and cities, and additional slots to the trading UI. The patch also introduces new appearance options for character customization, including additional skin color palettes, new hairstyles, and face options, and new character avatars for male and female characters.

Combat balance changes are also part of the patch, with adjustments made to several early-game items to improve first impressions and bring some older items up to modern standards. The patch features changes to Arcane Staffs, Bows, Crossbows, Cursed Staffs, Hammers, Quarterstaffs, Swords, Shoes, and Mounts.

Finally, the Beyond the Veil Patch 4 includes several fixes to the UI, controller, and mobile issues, as well as spell and gameplay issues. Overall, the latest patch is a significant update for Albion Online, with the addition of new languages and a range of improvements to the game’s features, combat balance, and visual and audio effects.

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