Bounty Hunter & Desert Treasure II Coming to OSRS 1

Bounty Hunter & Desert Treasure II Coming to OSRS

Jagex has provided an exciting update on their upcoming game content for OSRS. In their latest update, Jagex discussed the progress made on two highly anticipated updates: Bounty Hunter and Desert Treasure II.

Desert Treasure II, titled “The Fallen Empire,” promises to be Old School RuneScape’s most epic quest to date. After a recent beta test for the proposed prayer book called the Ruinous Powers, Jagex received valuable feedback from players. However, instead of making small changes incrementally, they have decided to take additional time to revisit the balancing and approach of these powerful prayers. Jagex has also released a survey to gather more feedback and quantitative data to refine the prayer book further. Players are encouraged to participate and share their thoughts.

Furthermore, Jagex recently held an external playtest where six players were invited to their offices to battle four post-quest bosses for two full days. The playtesters expressed their excitement and praised the bosses for their unique mechanics and challenges. This summer, players will have the opportunity to experience these exciting boss fights themselves.

Turning to the highly anticipated Bounty Hunter update, Jagex announced that it is only two weeks away. The update will bring changes to the level requirements of Ancient Warrior weapons, aligning them with Vesta’s blighted longsword. Players aiming for Ancient Warrior weapons should not level their combat stats past 75.

Jagex also provided a sneak peek of the Bounty Hunter lobby area, featuring various amenities for players to access quickly. They showcased a snapshot of the lobby, which includes a robed trader, a coffer, a chest for loot keys, a bank chest, and a pool for restoring hitpoints, prayer points, stats, and energy. The image also revealed a portal surrounded by floating skulls, which players will use to access the crater.

The crater itself was described as a mix of inviting runed circles on the floor, surrounded by blood, bones, and spooky curved horns. Jagex shared that the crater will have various features such as grassy knolls, lava pools, icy inclines, and precarious bridges, creating a more visually dynamic environment than the craters in the past.

Regarding the reward systems in Bounty Hunter, Jagex clarified that they won’t be implementing an Earning Potential (EP) system as initially suggested by players. However, they assured the community that earning points to obtain Ancient Warrior equipment will be straightforward. Players will earn 2 points for each successful target kill, and additional points will be awarded at specific kill milestones. The emblem system will also allow players to level up their emblems and earn more points based on the emblem’s tier and the target’s emblem tier.

To ensure a fair PvP experience, certain modern features such as teleporting, protection prayers, and entangling/binding effects will be disabled inside the crater. Although some players have requested a version of the crater where No Honour (NH) PvP can flourish, Jagex’s primary focus is to encourage new players to try out PvP and build their comfort level. They believe that Bounty Hunter has the potential to grow the PvP community and make future PvP updates more appealing.

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