Albion Online's Knightfall Patch Reveals New Mists Dungeon, Knightfall Abbey 1

Albion Online’s Knightfall Patch Reveals New Mists Dungeon, Knightfall Abbey

Albion Online players have been eagerly anticipating the Knightfall patch, which promises to bring exciting new features and improvements to the popular MMORPG. One of the most highly anticipated updates is the Knightfall Abbey dungeon in the Mists, which has just been previewed by Game Director Robin Henkys in a new Dev Talk.

Knightfall Abbey is a dungeon that was once a stronghold of King Arthur’s knights, but is now lost in the Mists and overrun with Undead. The entrances to the dungeon shimmer into existence temporarily, adding an element of unpredictability to players’ explorations. The dungeon is also filled with stained-glass illustrations of Albion’s history, and features brand-new music that sets the tone for the eerie and mysterious environment.

Each room in the dungeon contains a statue that reveals a reward once all enemies in the area are defeated. Some statues grant treasure, while most grant a blessing based on one of three knightly virtues: Justice, Valor, and Compassion. These blessings are powerful effects that trigger when a player’s health falls below 40%, and each one also grants a temporary strength buff.

In addition to the statues and blessings, the dungeon also features Coffers of loot that reveal their location to nearby players. And just before the dungeon closes, a Treasure Chest appears to tempt those still within.

Knightfall Abbey promises to be a rewarding and exciting new addition to the Mists in Albion Online. While the dungeon is rare enough that it can’t be played on repeat, it will still appear regularly enough during an extended Mists session to provide players with ample opportunity to explore and reap its rewards.

The Knightfall patch is set to release on May 8, giving players the chance to dive into Knightfall Abbey and all of the other new and improved features.

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