Palia Shares Some Village Lore 1

Palia Shares Some Village Lore

Palia’s Kilima Village is home to a cast of charming and complex characters, each with their own interconnected stories. In a recent blog post, the Palia team shared some details about the intricate relationships between these Villagers, designed to add depth to the entire world of Palia.

Players will have the opportunity to forge meaningful friendships and romances in Palia, but these relationships are not the only way to discover the deeper story of the game. According to EmbrasAshes, the Narrative Lead, “We don’t believe that close relationships need to be romantic in order to be meaningful. And neither do the citizens of Palia!”

Jina and Hekla are the first pair of friends you’ll meet in Kilima Village, and the Daiya family helps keep the produce farm running smoothly. Meanwhile, Chayne and Ashura’s friendship is a special bond, and Chayne is also a “Shepp” of Hassian and Sifuu, which means he is responsible for teaching new villagers the ways of the village.

The Palia team promises regular updates and sneak peeks to keep players involved in the development process. To learn more about each of the citizens of Kilima Village, check out their Meet The Villager Guide.

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