Albion Online Roadmap Reveals Plans for Solo and Small Group Play 1

Albion Online Roadmap Reveals Plans for Solo and Small Group Play

In a post on the Albion Online Forums, the team has posted the plans for the near future for the game, focusing on small group and solo play.

One of these features is the Roads of Avalon;

These mystical paths through the mists form an ever-shifting network of roads which connect locations all across Albion, but they only let a limited number of players pass through an entrance at a time and each connection only lasts for a limited time. In this way, the Roads open up a vast number of different small scale gameplay options. As a solo player, you’ll be able to explore where they lead, discover valuable solo activities along the way, use them for transportation or share your scouted paths with your guild. You can also use the shortcuts through the mists to go directly from the Royal continent deep into the Outlands, avoiding the ganking at city portals altogether. Small groups will also find access points into the Roads, leading them to valuable group content inside or using the roads for travel. Finally, small guilds will even be able to settle in places available deep inside the mists, away from the competition in the Outlands and participating in this unique type of small scale gameplay.

A new type of dungeon will also be released.

Also in the next update, we’re going to introduce an all new type of solo dungeon, focused on players who enjoy PvE with the risk of PvP- as long as it’s a fair fight against a single attacker. These Corrupted Solo Dungeons will be non-linear dungeons full of possessed mobs which have been taken over by a demon from Albion’s Hell dimension.

Work on the mobile version of the game is also moving forward.

Work on the mobile versions is proceeding nicely, and we’ll soon be ready to share some significant improvements- including an all new HUD and joystick based control scheme, as well as an auto-downloader for patches. That means the mobile release of Albion Online is finally drawing closer, but we will still take the time to iron out all flaws in the control scheme before we move forward with any release date.

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