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The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo

Playing an MMORPG alone is like being in a room with a bunch of people and everyone is having a good time minding their business.

While some may argue that a single-player MMO experience is a contradiction, it all comes down to options. There’s a time for interaction and a time for being on your own. And we just love MMOs that provide a variety of play styles.

These are the Best MMOs to Play Solo, whether you like to complete activities alone or real-life commitments prevent you from being a dependable teammate.

Elder Scrolls Online

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 1

The most single-player-friendly MMORPG, ESO has a lot to offer to those who like to pretend that other players are just wacky-behaving NPCs.

The questing system follows in the footsteps of the previous TES games which are all single-player RPGs. Solo arenas are activities designed for unaccompanied progress.

With the right skills, consumables, and a willingness to rinse and repeat, single players might even be able to clear group dungeons.

If you ever decide to see how deep the ESO crafting hole goes, you will discover another side of the game.

Final Fantasy XIV

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 2

Let’s cut straight to the chase. The entire FFXIV main scenario quest is one instanced experience. You are the Warrior of Light and no other Hydaelyn’s chosen will come between you and delivering salvation unto the world.

The Trust system allows adventurers to gather a party of NPCs for dungeons. Crafting, gathering, and player housing are massive parts of the game that don’t require interaction.

Dungeons, normal raids, and trials are designed in such a way that you don’t need to communicate with others. The Duty system is a convenient grouping tool that automatically places you in a party.

Lord of the Rings Online

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 3

For lack of an all-inclusive single-player RPG LOTR experience, many turn to Lord of the Rings Online. And they aren’t disappointed in the slightest.

The people at Standing Stone Games know how to put Tolkien’s universe into quests. That’s one of the most important aspects of soloing LOTRO. Players simply love discovering and exploring the world at their own pace. The content transitioned to a more solo-friendly experience throughout the years.

The newly-introduced Landscape Difficulty system adds an extra challenge for solo leveling.

Guild Wars 2

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 4

Guild Wars 2 is another MMORPG that caters to one’s need for independence. The main quest plays in the form of a Personal Story. Players get to make decisions that alter – albeit, minimally – the evolution of their stories.

Map completion may be challenging at times without the help of others, but otherwise doable.

It should be noted that most of the PvE content doesn’t actually require being in a group. As long as nearby players are working towards the same objective, that counts as helping out.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 5

SW:TOR is one of those MMORPGs that emanate an attractive single-player RPG feeling. Of course, it has something to do with the game being based on one of the most popular franchises. Fans will appreciate that the game gives their own part in the Star Wars story.

Each class comes with a unique campaign that you play entirely alone. Computer-controlled companions provide all the combat aid you’ll need for solo questing and leveling.

SW:TOR holds a 2012 Guinness World Record for having more than 200,000 lines of voice-acted quests. You cannot ask for a more immersive Star Wars experience than this. For free, at least.

The Division 2

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 6

Pre-end-game soloing is totally a thing in The Division 2. It’s not easy, but with the right gear and tips, which you can find in abundance on the Internet, the shooter RPG provides a satisfying single-player adventure.

It’s a slower-paced and tactical experience. Tricky situations require strategy and patience. Rushing is not the way to go. You would be surprised at how many players have achieved the level cap and decent gear without grouping.

If you ever decide to give multiplayer a go, the matchmaking system makes things easy.


The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 7

The Dungeons & Dragons MMO doesn’t punish players for wanting to play alone. Sure, you won’t be able to obtain BIS items on your own, but you can get good enough gear and pre-BIS equipment without grouping.

The amount of solo content will keep you going for days, in playtime hours that is. All the campaigns are playable alone. Just take it easy, follow the story, and you are guaranteed to have a good time.

The solo challenge also comes from the class choice. Some classes have an easier time fighting alone.

Black Desert Online

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 8

The sandbox system is what sets Black Desert Online apart from other MMOs. It’s also what makes BDO a worthy solo experience.

The game has a set of what is called life skills. We have farming, alchemy, hunting, fishing, sailing, and the like. Basically, the entire set of career opportunities for a medieval peasant living in a fantasy world. Working on these skills doesn’t require too much interaction and grouping with others.

Nothing is stopping you from becoming a peaceful farmer, a solitary shipbuilder, or a lonesome adventurer.

RuneScape/OldSchool RuneScape Ironman

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 9

Do you really want to play alone? You got it! Ironman mode is just that and then some. Once you enable Ironman, most of the player interaction features, such as trading and grouping, are automatically disabled.

A certain level of game knowledge is needed to conquer the Ironman challenge, so RS newcomers should stick to the normal gameplay.

Choosing rather than being forced to play alone can also be fun. RuneScape is known for its engaging quests, charming NPCs, and skill-based character progression.

World of Warcraft

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 10

WoW is designed from the ground up for player interaction. However, we are going to do the exact opposite and have fun while at it. Single-player WoW can be both casually relaxing and hardcore challenging.

The quests tell so many Warcraft stories that it’s a pity not to read them. Over the years, it has become easier to single-handedly farm for pets & mounts, transmogs, and other vanity items. The Insane title is one of the many glorious WoW time sinks.

New content such as Torghast and the Mage Tower provide challenging solo activities.

Star Trek Online

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 11

The STO solo experience will quell that fire for a Star Trek adventure. Many STO players are lone wolves who enjoy immersing themselves in science fiction tales.

Missions and episodes follow the plots from the TV shows and feature the most popular Star Trek characters.

Some of the original actors, such as LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge), Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar), Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), and Leonard Nimoy (Spock), voice their STO counterparts.

Not one of the story-driven episodes is premium.

Blade and Soul

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 12

If you’re content with just leveling and admiring the scenery, B&S works great as a single-player MMORPG.

Since 2012, Blade and Soul has amassed a great deal of story content that you can do on your own. If you’re looking for a casual free-to-play PvE experience, there are plenty of quests to hold your attention. Should you decide to amp up the challenge, the game provides solo dungeons.

The combat is fun and fast-paced. You can get decent gear from solo play. Seasonal events present nice distractions from the usual activities.

Fallout 76

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 13

It’s funny to think that one of the games that were so keen on promoting social interaction ended up as one of the most solo-friendly MMOs.

Fallout 76 didn’t have any NPCs in the beginning. Players weren’t too happy about that, so the developers took action. In fact, they took many actions to make the coveted Fallout MMO into a good game.

You can do the main missions and side quests alone. Some events require a team effort, but with a proper build and know-how, you can emerge victorious on your own. Just don’t forget to put Pacifist mode on to spare yourself of the PvP grief.

Destiny 2

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 14

The Destiny 2 Solo Enabler is a player-made script that turns the MMO into a single-player game. It blocks the game’s communication with the servers by using firewall rules. The script does not alter the game or interfere with it in any way.

If you are wondering on which side of the TOS the script is, the good news is that Bungie is aware of this practice and allowing it for now. Without the script, there are still plenty of things to do as a solo player, but remember that you will compete with others for loot.

Secret World Legends

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 15

Secret World Legends is pretty much The Secret World experience minus the MMO stuff. The 2017 overhaul made the game into a single-player shared-world RPG. Story-driven missions and quests have been redesigned for solo play. Almost any activity can be out-leveled or completed in story mode.

SWL is worth it for the story experience and unique atmosphere that blends horror, fantasy, and supernatural elements. The game universe features real locations, such as London and New York, and mythical places. You even travel in time and go to Hell at some point in the story.

Sword of Legends Online

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 16

SOLO lives up to its abbreviation. The visually stunning action MMORPG lets you go all the way to max level without grouping.

Quests and other activities work just fine without help from other players thanks to the companion system. Through the story missions, you unlock AI buddies that act as combat helpers. They are reliable fighters that can get you through easy-mode dungeons.

Sword of Legends Online becomes challenging once you get to max level, especially if you want to dip your toes into raids and hard mode dungeons for which you will need a proper group.

New World

The 17 Best MMOs To Play Solo 17

Leveling in New World is not 100% combat-based. Good XP also comes from fishing, hunting, woodcutting, and other honest works which you can do on your own.

Apart from a few group quests that are mandatory for story progression, you can hit the level cap by playing alone. Challenging areas can be completely avoided or out-leveled.

The game has gorgeous graphics that set the stage for an immersive ambiance. There’s a certain serenity in fishing at sunset or chopping trees at dawn, and that’s just perfect for the single-player vibe.