Mortal Online 2: Progress on Unreal Engine 5 Migration and Territory Control Balance Issues 1

Mortal Online 2: Progress on Unreal Engine 5 Migration and Territory Control Balance Issues

Mortal Online 2’s development team led by CEO Henrik Nyström has provided an update on their ongoing transition to Unreal Engine 5 and the challenges they’re facing with the game’s Territory Control system.

Unreal Engine 5: A New Dawn for Mortal Online 2

On September 13, Henrik hosted his bi-weekly QnA stream showcasing Mortal Online 2 running on Unreal Engine 5, incorporating the Lumen technology for realistic lighting. The video from the stream is available on the game’s official YouTube channel.

The Star Vault team is dedicating most of their efforts to migrating the game to this new engine. Although the migration is labor-intensive, requiring adjustments to various elements like world layout, meshes, materials, and lighting, progress is steadily being made. New builds on UE5 are being deployed to test servers every couple of days. While there’s still much to accomplish, most gameplay features are already functional on the new engine.

Territory Control: A Thorny Issue

The development team acknowledges the present challenges concerning the Territory Control system. Issues like the balance of Claiming Stones, Guild Defence swapping, and non-expandable Guild Supply caps are causing frustration among players. Additionally, the game has seen problems with the ability to out-repair siege damage.

Addressing these issues promptly is a priority, but the migration to Unreal Engine 5 complicates the deployment of hotfixes on the live branch. The team is considering server patches that don’t necessitate client updates as an interim solution, particularly for high-priority issues.

While the Unreal Engine 5 migration is a significant milestone, it’s clear that the development team is also focused on resolving existing gameplay issues. As they navigate the complexities of software migration and gameplay balance, the team invites players to stay connected and keep the feedback coming.

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