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Pearl Abyss Announces Major Updates for Black Desert Mobile and Black Desert Online

Pearl Abyss Announces Major Updates for Black Desert Mobile and Black Desert Online

Land of the Morning Light Expansion and a Revamped Season Server Experience Await Players

Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss has revealed sweeping updates for its two highly popular MMORPG titles, Black Desert Mobile and Black Desert Online. These updates promise to revitalize gameplay and offer a slew of new content for both new and veteran players.

Black Desert Mobile Enters a New Realm

Pearl Abyss Announces Major Updates for Black Desert Mobile and Black Desert Online 1

The most anticipated update for Black Desert Mobile is the new expansion, Land of the Morning Light. Scheduled for release on September 26, this expansion transports players to an enthralling new continent influenced by Korea’s Joseon dynasty. Adventurers can look forward to:

  • Original New Gameplay and Storylines: Inspired by authentic landmarks and folklore, the expansion offers a wealth of cultural storylines and powerful gear.
  • Fearsome Bosses: The expansion introduces four mythical bosses including the Golden Pig King and the nine-tailed Fox, Gumiho. The bosses come in various difficulty levels, with an extra challenging “Black Shrine” mode for the seasoned players.
  • Dynamic New Gear: Adventurers can obtain the “Flame of Hongik” for crafting high-powered Dawnveil Gear after defeating bosses in the Black Shrine Boss Rush.
  • Quests Based on Korean Folklore: An immersive storyline unfolds as players explore Korean fables and meet characters like the vengeful maiden ghost, Songakshi, and Bari, the Mudang Wraith.

Woosa Awakening Unleashed

The update also marks the introduction of Woosa Awakening, a new character wielding deadly long- and short-range attacks. Woosa, aka Choryeong, can summon the souls of the deceased and deploy flowers of death to confound enemies.

Black Desert Online’s Season Server Gets a Makeover

For Black Desert Online players, the most exciting news is the transformation of the season server. Gone are the days of rushing to level up before the season’s end:

  • No Seasonal Deadline: Players can now level up at their own pace without worrying about seasonal end dates.
  • Level Two Characters at Once: Thanks to the new “Character Tag” system, players can level up two characters simultaneously.
  • Season-Exclusive Content and Rewards: The revamped season server offers a plethora of unique content and rewards, providing an ideal starting point for newcomers to Black Desert Online.

Complimentary Season Character Tickets

To kick off the new season, Adventurers will receive two complimentary seasonal character tickets, offering an extra incentive to dive into the revamped server.

With these extensive updates, Pearl Abyss is setting the stage for an immersive and dynamic MMORPG experience for its dedicated fan base. Whether you’re venturing into the Land of the Morning Light or exploring the revamped season server, exciting new adventures await.