Amazon Games Prepares for "Throne & Liberty" Technical Test Following Mixed Feedback in Korean Beta 1

Amazon Games Prepares for “Throne & Liberty” Technical Test Following Mixed Feedback in Korean Beta

After receiving mixed reviews during its Korean closed beta test, Amazon Games and NCSOFT are gearing up to host a Technical Test for “Throne & Liberty“, a game set in the vast world of Solisium. The test will be invite-only, targeting the regions supported by Amazon Games across various platforms including PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

The closed beta testing of “Throne & Liberty” in Korea garnered mostly negative feedback, with players criticizing the game’s lackluster tab-targeting combat system and its auto-play feature. Despite this, Amazon Games has released an announcement trailer on YouTube and are moving forward with the technical test in hopes of gaining a more varied response from the Western audience.

In “Throne & Liberty”, players traverse the expansive realm of Solisium in search of the fragments of the Star of Sylaveth, a symbol of absolute power. The ultimate aim is to defeat Kazar, the Wraith of Conquest, using strategic gameplay in a seamless in-game experience. Guild dynamics are at the forefront of the game, with players being able to choose how they want to tackle Kazar’s armies and rival guilds.

The Technical Test offers players an opportunity to explore a world filled with depth and verticality, from rolling fields to open skies and towering mountains. The game features large-scale bosses, field events, expansive dungeons, epic guild battles for territory and loot, and castle sieges, promising an immersive gameplay experience.

With this technical test, Amazon Games and NCSOFT aim to receive player feedback to improve “Throne & Liberty” and to assess the game’s network infrastructure. The dates for the Technical Test will be announced soon.

To participate in the Technical Test, interested players can sign up on the game’s official website.

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