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Throne & Liberty MMO Release Possibly Delayed Amidst Critiques, according to Korean Reports

Throne & Liberty MMO Release Possibly Delayed Amidst Critiques, according to Korean Reports

The once much-anticipated Massively Multiplayer Online game, Throne & Liberty, is facing significant setbacks following its recent Korean closed beta. Critics noted an underwhelming combat system and numerous auto-play features as major areas of concern, causing a ripple effect that might lead to the game’s delay, according to South Korean portal Sedaily.

Originally slated for a release in the third quarter of 2023, Throne & Liberty is now reportedly postponed to the fourth quarter, which means the game might not be launched until October at the earliest.

While NCSOFT, the game’s developer, has yet to confirm this delay, credible sources suggest that the decision could impact the company’s financial standing. Hana Securities, a prominent regulator in South Korea, is said to have lowered the target price of NCSOFT due to the anticipated delay.

The concerns go beyond release schedules and share prices. The game is reportedly plagued with design flaws that could hamper its monetization and potentially alienate solvent players. Analyst Yeji Yoon commented on the matter, stating, “In consideration of TL’s feedback on domestic CBT and CBT’s global progress, we have changed our expected release date from the end of the third quarter to the fourth quarter.”

Based on the closed beta, analysts noted that Throne & Liberty’s business model has significantly changed, with a lower charging rate compared to current Lineage games. Despite this, the auto-hunting feature, typically associated with mobile games, remains in the gameplay.

The analysts believe that enhancements to the main quest, special dungeons, and guild raid content could possibly remedy the game’s shortcomings, speculating that such improvements might attract a larger user base than existing Lineage games, despite the drawbacks highlighted in the beta version.

Whether or not the delay will happen remains to be seen, but do seem likely based on the feedback the game has gotten from the community so far. For now we will wait for an official announcement from NCSoft.