Is There an EverQuest 3 On the Way, and What Could It Potentially Look Like? 1
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Is There an EverQuest 3 On the Way, and What Could It Potentially Look Like?

There is no doubt that Everquest was a groundbreaking game when it first came out in 1999. It was one of the first MMORPGs to ever hit the market, and it quickly gained a large following.

Everquest 2 was released in 2004, and many players were disappointed with the direction that the game was taken in.

Not to mention the huge disappointment of Everquest Next and Landmark. So the question on everyone’s mind is…will there ever be an Everquest 3?

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Is There an EverQuest 3 On the Way, and What Could It Potentially Look Like? 2
Everquest 3 overpromised and Daybreak failed to sell the vision to Everquest fans

Everquest Next was essentially going to be Everquest 3. The title managed to build up plenty of hype after it was announced with its open world that could be terraformed and shaped by the players.

EQNext was sadly terminated back in 2016 with the developers not providing much information as to why. Only stating that “the game wasn’t fun”.

Three years went by without much news on a third Everquest title, but in 2019 rumors started to spread that Daybreak Games might be working on a third installment in the series.

The reason behind these rumors was the fact that Daybreak Games was splitting into three development studios, Dimensional Ink, Rogue Planet Games, and Darkpaw Games.

Is There an EverQuest 3 On the Way, and What Could It Potentially Look Like? 3
Darkpaw Games is a studio under the Daybreak banner that handles the Everquest IP.

Darkpaw Games, named after the Darkpaw gnoll clan in Everquest, would handle the Everquest franchise and nothing else. Fans started to speculate that there wasn’t a need to have an entire company dedicated to just managing Everquest 1 and 2 and that this could mean that an Everquest 3 was in the works again.

Later in 2019 Executive Producer for the EverQuest Franchise Holly Longdale along with other Darkpaw developers hosted an AMA where Longdale was asked about a potential Everquest remake and answered:

“We will definitely do something with the IP. A strict remake? Probably not. Will it embody the EQ spirit, most likely yes.”

Is There an EverQuest 3 On the Way, and What Could It Potentially Look Like? 4
From the AMA on the Fires of Heaven website.

And when asked about Everquest 3 she said:

“We have spent a lot of time looking into the future and how we build this franchise up even better than we have in the past.” continuing “Someday soon we hope to take advantage of that global recognition and release something new. Can’t say when. Have no details.”

Is There an EverQuest 3 On the Way, and What Could It Potentially Look Like? 5
From the AMA on the Fires of Heaven website.

A few months later Longdale gave an interview to The Everquest Show on Youtube. When asked if there was a new Everquest game in development, Longdale answered that she couldn’t comment on what is currently in development but that she promised that there is a future for Everquest and that they (Daybreak) would take advantage of the IP when they craft a new game.

Longdale left Daybreak in 2020 to work for Blizzard on WoW Classic and is now an Executive Producer on retail WoW. So it’s uncertain whether the same plans for a new EQ game are still in the works without Longdale at the helm.

A year later, at the end of 2021, news broke that Amazon Games had posted several job listings looking for developers to work on an “unannounced game built by a team of veterans from many popular titles like Everquest, Planetside, H1Z1, and Free Realms” (All Daybreak titles), implying that Amazon Games is working on a title with Daybreak Games.

Is There an EverQuest 3 On the Way, and What Could It Potentially Look Like? 6
By the looks of it, Amazon was or is developing a game with Daybreak Games. Although this could have been the canceled Marvel MMO mentioned below.

This was right after the release of New World, and before it had started losing mass amounts of players, so who knows what plans might have changed since then.

And finally, last month it was announced that Enad Global 7, the owners of Daybreak had decided to cancel Daybreak’s upcoming Marvel MMO and that

“The company will now diversify this investment across multiple, smaller size projects within the group, including the previously announced major upgrades to The Lord of the Rings Online and DC Universe Online, and new game opportunities with our first party, original IPs.”

Is There an EverQuest 3 On the Way, and What Could It Potentially Look Like? 7
EG7 has canceled the upcoming Daybreak Marvel MMO

The first party, original IPs could certainly mean Everquest. Whether this could mean Everquest 3 or the existing Everquest games remains speculation, but it could mean that a potential Everquest 3 would have its budget increased.

So does Everquest still have a large enough fanbase for a third game?

One of the things that have become apparent in recent years is that there won’t ever be a World of Warcraft killer like it was prophecized back in the early 2010s.

WoW has suffered and continues to suffer a death by a thousand cuts, and lately, WoW’s biggest enemy has been Blizzard itself.

Back when Daybreak was developing Everquest Next, MMO studios were still aiming for their games to be the “WoW killer”, whereas today they might be looking to just get a piece of the ever-expanding pie that is the MMO market.

Upcoming MMOs such as Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, Ashes of Creation, and Camelot Unchained have also shown that more players than ever are looking for a modern MMO built on old-school MMORPG principles.

Is There an EverQuest 3 On the Way, and What Could It Potentially Look Like? 8
When Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is finally released it is sure to steal a big portion of the Everquest player base.

And niche titles such as Albion Online have shown that smaller MMOs can survive and even thrive without being anything near a WoW-killer.

Over the next few years, we will most likely be looking at a situation where a large portion of the Everquest 1 and 2 player base will make the switch to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and Ashes of Creation.

Everquest 1 and 2 have actually seen their player bases increase over the last few years despite being released two decades ago. Much of this can be attributed to the release of TLE (time-locked expansion) servers that caters to the nostalgia of MMO veterans.

Everquest’s unofficial classic server, Project 1999, has also been doing well, but they will undoubtedly all see a loss of players as Pantheon and Ashes of Creation gets closer to an official release, meaning that Daybreak and Darkpaw Games must do something in order to keep their players.

Is There an EverQuest 3 On the Way, and What Could It Potentially Look Like? 9
The classic Everquest fanbase is alive and well

The good news for Daybreak is that this means that there is a player base there, the bad news is that it might be tough keeping them.

So, what would Everquest 3 look and play like?

We think it’s safe to say it won’t look anything like Everquest Next at least. Not only did EQNext fail but the art style also divided the Everquest fans with its cartoony graphics that had no basis in the look of either Everquest 1 or 2.

EQ2 had more stylized graphics than EQ, but to this day most Everquest fans prefer the more semi-realistic look of the original EQ, however outdated they might be.

Is There an EverQuest 3 On the Way, and What Could It Potentially Look Like? 10
Everquest Next tried to update the classic high fantasy art style that had made Everquest famous

If we take a look at Ashes of Creation we can clearly see that they have been pushing the envelope of what graphics are possible in an MMO with the help of Unreal Engine 5, and the idea of an Everquest with updated graphics but keeping the old-school design ideas has been a dream for Everquest fans for years.

Is There an EverQuest 3 On the Way, and What Could It Potentially Look Like? 11
Ashes of Creation will possibly be the first major MMO using Unreal Engine 3

It’s probably also safe to assume that EQ3 would go the sandbox route and be similar to the original Everquest, as they tried to go the theme park route with EQ2 and it didn’t really work. Also, the core fanbase of Everquest and old-school MMORPGs generally tend to be sandbox fans over theme parks.

It also seems like theme park MMOs have been falling out of fashion over the last few years, with sandbox games gaining popularity.

Is There an EverQuest 3 On the Way, and What Could It Potentially Look Like? 12
The city of Kelethin remade in Unity 3D by Ayzahar on Youtube

Based on this we speculate that a potential new addition to the Everquest franchise will be a semi-realistic-looking, community-focused, old-school-inspired sandbox MMO, similar to what we see Pantheon and Ashes of Creations currently developing into.

Whether or not this will ever come to fruition, only time will tell.

Do you have hopes that there ever will be an Everquest 3? And what would you like it to look like? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Every now and then I google for news on EQ 3, hoping something is on the way.

    Open world, exploration and more stylized graphics over “realistic” looking plastic avatars, focus on making movement and combat fun and engaging, some type of death penalty but not too hardcore. Its not 1999 anymore, so the game has to evolve from that while honoring what it made it so great to begin with.

    NO pay to win…

  2. I followed eq next and then Pantheon for a while. 8 years and I don’t care anymore. They release update videos and play demos about once a month on the most mundane stuff. Games like Valheim come out of no where and are simple/fun. If they could make a game like Valheim into an MMO I would be in. There are some servers and mods…

  3. Played 99 to 2012, for eq1 the lore of the story was what had me hooked. For eq2 it was the groups and raids with people who became good friends, the lore of eq2 was great to the point of the ‘awakening” that should continue in eq3.

  4. Played EQ1 for a few years and EQ2 well over a decade. My son and myself hop on and still play a little. I would love an EQ3, but right now it’s only speculation and as everyone knows it was dropped. We need something a bit more concrete that it’s in the works. Yes, there is a fan base and people will probably play it.

  5. I miss EQ. I miss my friends. I miss the challenges. I would like to see the game modernized but paying homage to its roots. A classic sandbox with traditional classes that play like the original, but blended with live action combat mechanics for other classes so that those who like to run spell cycles can and those who want the challenge or real time combat can also participate. Let the player choose their combat style preferences. I also agree on a penalty for death, but it can’t be too harsh or people will eventually quit playing out of frustration.

  6. I look at least every few months for updates on eq3. Eq2 has turned into an end game play format. I like to do quests and explore. You level so fast now that it’s not as fun or challenging. I like to solo play as well as raid. I am so ready for something new in the world of Norrath!

  7. It should use the unreal engine 3 but make them more realistic humans looking like humans and so forth as real as possible which is something the original air quest would’ve done if they had the tools to do it.

  8. I’d love to play an Everquest 3. I play WoW now though I miss the classes of Eq. I would love to play an enchanter which I didn’t do before. The Eq classes were amazing having distinct differences and feel to play style.

  9. I hope they bring back EverQuest 1 with modern graphics. I think they would be surprised how many players would come back that use to play eq 1.

    1. @Anthony, Exactly!! I think the MMORPG industry need to add a new mechanic with a sort of dynamic NPC system (quest giver or monster)

    2. @Anthony, Word my brother! I know a metric butt-ton of boomers who would drop WoW, FF, NW, etc for a chance to roam across a Norrathian landscape again.

  10. I also keep looking for news about a new Everquest game. I played EQ and EQ2 for years. I played every other major MMO but still want to get into a more modern Norrath.

    Ashes of Creation and Pantheon are exciting, but for various reasons, I feel neither will fill the same niche as EQ (Pantheon would be closest).

    Someday, hopefully. Will keep watching and waiting.

  11. I have no hope for a EQ3; despite wishing for it.

    I also have very little hope Pantheon will a) be released or b) survive a full year after release.

  12. I’ve waited 2 decades for another good EQ to come out. Today I downloaded Ultima Online and Everquest 1. turns out my login info still works. I just don’t understand how so much time can go buy and so much crap released.

  13. don’t hold your breath unless this has been in production under the radar for 5 years. Hints at a start of a production means probably 5-8 years of production yet to begin. Far too early to have any kind of hype

  14. I played all the Major MMOs and many minor ones from UO to ESO, but spent years of my life played EQ hardcore and solo’ing EQ2 (I only played this themepark game for the continued EQ lore, but it is not the same). EQ is my first and forever love, but after years of hope and disappointment, I have given up and finally moved on from MMOs. I highly doubt Pantheon is coming out; the DEVs seem to be dogs getting distracted by squirrels.

    What I would LOVE to see is EQ 3 be done in the style of a Bethesda game, particularly TES; single-player action game with amazing LORE and graphics plus the ability for modders to add their own content, update graphics, multi-player (for those that want it), etc.

    I just don’t have the energy to hope anymore nor do I want to dedicate the time to raid. I would prefer to play in a world where it is my character doing the content and not a thousand others; where I can save my progress, go to bed and continue another time; where I don’t have to worry about the server going down, bot armies, griefers…

  15. I miss EQ, I played when I was in my 20’s. Now im closing in on 50. Still looking for a game as good. Sure, there have been visualy good looking games over the years. None Except for WoW have captured the feel of accomplishment for being in game for 15minutes, or 2 hours, wichever you had time for. I know the goal for a game developing company is ultimatly make money. Duh… I hope someone can come up with a good balance between the average gamer, and the hardcore one. A good mix of Quests and grind, for leveling. I personally liked Group grinding in EQ. Thanks for taking the time for reading this, to whom ever does Lol.

  16. Hell…. I’d settle for a new Champions of Norrath Game…. I used to play the hell out of that and the second one. =’/. I miss Norrath.

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