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Ashes of Creation Hosts Community AMA Session

Ashes of Creation Hosts Community AMA Session

Recently, Steven Sharif, the Creative Director of Ashes of Creation, participated in a Community AMA alongside prominent content creators Jamie Chaos, LoreForged, NyceGaming, and Vlhadus. The event provided insights into the game’s development, focusing on guild management tools, narrative elements, and dungeon design.

Guild Management Enhancements

During the AMA, Sharif discussed the implementation of advanced guild management tools intended to facilitate smoother operations and communication within guilds. These enhancements are designed to allow guild leaders to manage their groups more effectively, potentially integrating features like SMS messaging and connected forums to help maintain engagement with guild members outside of the game.

Narrative and Lore

Sharif shared details about the game’s narrative arcs, which are designed to accommodate players of varying experience levels. This approach ensures that new players can easily integrate into the game while providing depth and complexity for more seasoned players. The narrative structure aims to encourage community cooperation and engagement through shared storylines and objectives.

Dungeon Design and World Interaction

The discussion also covered the game’s approach to dungeon design, highlighting plans for large, non-instanced dungeons that can accommodate multiple groups simultaneously. This design strategy is intended to foster a dynamic and interactive game environment where player groups can encounter each other in real-time, adding a layer of strategy and competition to dungeon navigation.