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Corepunk Update: Details on Alpha 2, Passive Talents, and Early Access Roadmap

Corepunk Update: Details on Alpha 2, Passive Talents, and Early Access Roadmap

The Corepunk team has released new information regarding the Alpha 2 test scheduled for the end of May, developments in passive talent systems, and their strategy for transitioning to early access.

The team acknowledged that they were unable to release a new video update due to time constraints but confirmed that the gameplay in the upcoming test would allow players to directly experience the new features. During the Alpha 2 test, players will have the opportunity to engage with 8 branches of passive talents and 6 branches of weapon specialization upgrades, integral to the game’s character progression.

Starting from the 5th level, players will accrue passive talent points to enhance their character’s abilities. Weapon specializations will require energy, obtainable through consumables that players can acquire from quests and loot throughout the game world. The team aims to demonstrate these mechanics shortly.

The test environment will also showcase a denser game world, populated with new settlements, NPCs, and points of interest, aiming to enrich the exploration experience. Although an advanced crafting system is in development, it will not be fully implemented until early access; however, the test will include new items, such as five distinctive weapons for each hero.

The PvP dynamics will also be evaluated during the test, with the team focused on how players interact with the new environments and compete for resources.

Post-test, if player feedback is positive, early access is planned approximately two months later. The early access phase will increase the maximum level cap to 20 and introduce advanced crafting possibilities and new locations, including large settlements with distinct biomes and NPCs. A notable feature of early access will be autogenerated localization in up to 26 languages, with a plan for gradual enhancement to each language’s localization.