Ashfall: A Look into the Upcoming Fallout-Inspired Eastern MMORPG 1

Ashfall: A Look into the Upcoming Fallout-Inspired Eastern MMORPG

In a dramatic collision of old-world charm and cutting-edge game design, Legendary Star Studio is ushering in a new era of post-apocalyptic gaming with their upcoming MMORPG, Ashfall. Slated for release in Q3 2024, Ashfall weaves together an intricately detailed world, steeped in history and teeming with life, despite the dystopian landscape it portrays.

Drawing inspiration from the much-loved Fallout series, Ashfall plans to breathe new life into the genre by infusing its vast, open world with a unique Eastern cultural influence, setting the stage for an immersive, survival-driven narrative unlike any other.

This article takes an in-depth look at this highly anticipated title, exploring its world, mechanics, and the excitement it has stirred among the gaming community.

The World

The game is set in a world annihilated by a rogue AI that waged a nuclear war against humanity. The resulting landscape is a dystopian wasteland filled with ruins and the lingering mysteries of a world now lost. Players will assume the role of survivors who emerge from Vaults to find the Core of Creation, which is believed to be the key to saving what’s left of the world.

The game features a vast, unprecedented post-apocalyptic landscape teeming with a mix of bizarre and familiar sights. Expect encounters with giant worms marching in an orderly fashion, humanoid creatures engaging in clandestine trades, talking rabbits, and heaps of robot wreckage tucked away in a desert basement. Ashfall’s environment is also deeply infused with Eastern culture, adding a unique flavor to the desolate backdrop.

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Adventure Post-Apocalypse

Ashfall’s proposition is to offer players a unique adventure experience in a post-apocalyptic setting. It provides an expansive world for exploration, marked by a distinct sense of visual and narrative variety. The aftermath of the apocalypse in Ashfall is manifested across diverse environments, from snowy wastelands teeming with mutated creatures to cities deeply influenced by Eastern culture.

The developers have stated that a significant aspect of Ashfall’s player experience lies in its emphasis on exploration. The game invites players to delve into a richly populated world, filled with a diverse range of NPCs. These characters are integral to the game’s narrative framework, contributing to the overarching story through their individual quests and characteristics. From humanoid figures participating in clandestine trades to talking rabbits and hidden robot wreckage, every interaction serves to enhance the overall immersion in Ashfall’s post-apocalyptic universe.

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Ashfall’s combat mechanics also aim to add to the overall player experience. Players face a variety of enemies, such as giants and mutated crayfish, each requiring specific tactics and skills to overcome. This diversity in combat situations underscores the game’s focus on strategy and quick thinking.

Further enriching the game’s strategic element is its crafting system. Players will be able to create a plethora of items, including equipment and tech devices, such as drones, smart sentry guns, and medic robots. Balancing the resources for crafting with combat requirements and exploration needs is another aspect of the game’s strategic layer.

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The game also allows players to construct their own bases. These spaces serve as sanctuaries from the harsh exterior world, offering players a chance to plan, strategize, and rest. Decorative items can be found during exploration, offering an additional dimension to base customization.

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In terms of mobility, Ashfall offers a personal mount system. These tamed creatures aid in navigating the game’s diverse environments and can bring an extra layer of strategy to both exploration and combat.

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The game also features a companion system. Each companion character brings unique abilities and backgrounds to the table, providing additional tactical options and contributing to the game’s narrative depth.

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Music by Hans Zimmer

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One of the defining features of Ashfall is the incredible score, co-produced by Oscar winner Hans Zimmer, renowned composer Steve Mazzaro, and Fallout series music producer Inon Zur. The music promises an immersive and atmospheric experience, enhancing the desolate beauty of the world’s post-apocalyptic ruins.

Crossplay Experience

Ashfall supports cross-platform play, providing players with a unique, versatile experience. Whether you prefer to venture the world as a lone hero or fight alongside friends, Ashfall caters to both preferences. This cross-platform play allows players to enjoy the game with friends, irrespective of the platform or system being used.

Beta Testing

In the lead-up to the full release, Legendary Star Studio has recently announced a multi-platform beta test slated for July 2023. This test aims to give players a taste of the visually stunning game world, enhanced with updated graphics shown in the new Wasteland trailer. Sign up for the beta here.

Behind the Scenes

The game’s development has been an open process, with Legendary Star Studio sharing updates, concept arts, and insights through blog posts on their official site and on Steam.


In the evolving landscape of gaming, Ashfall appears to be a promising entrant. As it steps into its beta phase in July, its ability to deliver on these features and the overall player experience will be put to the test. Regardless of the outcomes, Ashfall’s unique premise and the sheer breadth of its proposed gameplay mechanics represent an ambitious stride in the post-apocalyptic genre.

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