Ashfall Release Postponed to Summer 2024, Developers Announce 1

Ashfall Release Postponed to Summer 2024, Developers Announce

Ashfall, the much-anticipated upcoming MMO, has seen its release date delayed to Summer 2024, the game’s developers announced today. The decision, they said, is aimed at ensuring that the game provides the richest and most engaging experience possible to players.

“We understand that it’s never easy to hear that a game’s release date has been delayed,” the Ashfall Development Team stated in an open letter to fans. “But we want to ensure that we deliver the best possible experience to our players.”

The postponement will allow the developers more time to polish and refine the game, building on the unique wasteland world of Ashfall that fans have been eagerly anticipating.

In the lead-up to Ashfall’s release, several beta tests will be conducted. The team is inviting all ‘Wanderers’ – as Ashfall’s players are known – to participate in these tests and share their valuable feedback. The first of these Closed Beta Tests is slated for July.

The team emphasized that this feedback will help to improve and refine the game, ensuring that it delivers an exceptional gaming experience that lives up to fans’ expectations.

“We know this news may be disappointing,” the team acknowledged in their statement. But please know that the Ashfall Development Team is working tirelessly to make the game worth the wait.

The team ended by expressing their gratitude for fans’ understanding and patience as they strive to create a truly remarkable game.

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