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The 9 Best MMO Gaming Mice

The 9 Best MMO Gaming Mice

Everyone knows that a proper job requires the proper tools. That’s no less true when it comes to gaming. The peripherals you use can make a huge difference.

In our quest to find the best MMO mouse, we have found 10. Different strokes for different folks, as they say. Are you one of those people who like buttons on their MMO mouse galore or do you prefer to keep things simple?


The 9 Best MMO Gaming Mice 1

Number of buttons: 12.

Connectivity: Wired/Wireless.

Don’t worry, not all items on this list are as expensive as the ASUS ROG Spatha X. This is a premium choice that delivers everything we would expect from such a pricey item.

The design is all about straight lines and angular shapes. No more dragging your pinky along the pad as the Spatha X has a comfortable rest for the most useless gaming finger. Six of the buttons are placed on the side. If they are easily reachable or not, this is strictly a personal matter. This mouse should feel comfortable for someone who has large hands, so consider that before everything else.

Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite

The 9 Best MMO Gaming Mice 2

Number of buttons: 17.

Connectivity: Wired.

The Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite is less expensive than the ASUS ROG Spatha X, but it’s still a costly MMO mouse.

The left side has a 12-button panel. Each button can be programmed. You may fit your entire rotation in there, or the most important spells and abilities at least.

The design of the mouse makes it a great “meet me in the middle” option for those who cannot decide between claw or palm grip.

The quality of the cable is another thing worth mentioning. It’s braided and flexible which means that it is durable. The textured material helps with the grip.

Razer Naga Trinity

The 9 Best MMO Gaming Mice 3

Number of buttons: 2/7/12.

Connectivity: Wired.

When you cannot decide between a “normal” or an MMO mouse, the Razer Naga Trinity gives you the best of three worlds.

The signature feature of the Razer Naga Trinity is the interchangeable side plates that feature two, seven, or 12 buttons. The design makes the mouse perfect for long MMO sessions. It’s comfortable, it has a good grip, and it’s not prone to fingerprints.

We cannot help giving a thumbs up for the Razer Central. It’s the app that allows users to customize and set up their Razer peripherals. Compared to other apps, Razer Central is intuitive and easy to use.

Logitech G600

The 9 Best MMO Gaming Mice 4

Number of buttons: 14.

Connectivity: Wired.

A big part of the player base swears by the good ol’ Logitech G600. This 2012-model is considered the best MMO mouse. It’s reasonably priced and durable.

The 12-button side plate is nothing new, however, the ergonomics are hard to beat. Even some of the more expensive models featuring a similar design don’t come close to the Logitech G600 in terms of comfort.

Each of the 12 buttons can be programmed to the function of your choice. The main issue with this mouse is its availability. It’s a model that has always been in high demand so you will not find it that easily.

Razer Naga X Left-Hand Edition

The 9 Best MMO Gaming Mice 5

Number of buttons: 19.

Connectivity: Wired.

It’s hard to be a left-handed MMO player. By popular demand, Razer brings back the Naga X Left-Hand Edition to make your MMORPG adventure considerably easier.

The mouse has the Naga-specific design. It’s a bulky yet comfortable mouse that will fill your palm nicely. The right side has the 12-button panel. You can customize these buttons for your spells, abilities, macros, and whatnot. It supports up to five different profiles that are easily switchable with the click of a button.

The price is the only downside of the Razer Naga X Left-Hand edition. However, it’s well worth the money if you are a dedicated gamer looking to give nothing short of your best.

Redragon Impact RGB

The 9 Best MMO Gaming Mice 6

Number of buttons: 19.

Connectivity: Wired.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly MMORPG mouse, the Redragon Impact RGB won’t disappoint.

The 12-button panel – a staple for an MMO mouse – is located on the left side. You can program the buttons, however, the customization app is wanting. It works fine, but it takes a while to get used to it.

The Redragon Impact RGB features a sleek surface that doesn’t just look cool, it’s also dirt-repellent and easy to clean. The mouse is well-built and durable. It features additional weights so you can customize it based on your preference.

If you don’t care too much about the brand, you won’t go wrong with this budget-conscious mouse.

SteelSeries Sensei Ten

The 9 Best MMO Gaming Mice 7

Number of buttons: 8.

Connectivity: Wired.

Believe it or not, there are MMO gamers out there who prefer a nice classic mouse that doesn’t have more buttons than their keyboard.

The SteelSeries Sensei Ten has an ambidextrous design with two buttons on each side. This mouse is made to last. It has a sturdy build and Steelseries promises that it takes more than 60 million clicks for this mouse to show signs of usage.

The mouse works well for palm, fingertip, or claw grip. This means that the mouse caters to all players, no matter how big or small their hands might be. The price is not too bad either.


The 9 Best MMO Gaming Mice 8

Number of buttons: 20.

Connectivity: Wired.

With so many buttons, do you even need a keyboard anymore? You could make macros to blame the healer, yell at the tank, or complain about the DPS. After all, all these are important parts of the MMO experience.

The left side panel features 10 buttons out of which eight are placed in a circular shape and the other two are towards the front side of the mouse. If you are not a big fan of the traditional 4×3 button grid that we see in most MMO mice, this design will fit your bill. Speaking of bills, the price will not set you back a great deal also.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed

The 9 Best MMO Gaming Mice 9

Number of buttons: 11.

Connectivity: Wireless.

The Logitech G502 Lightspeed comes with fewer buttons than you would expect from an MMO mouse. The biggest selling point of this mouse is the Hero 25K sensor which makes it one of the most accurate gaming mice you can get. It has zero smoothing and unmatched responsiveness. Additional weights make it as heavy or as light as you want.

If you find yourself straying from the MMO path once in a while, this mouse is good for other game genres as well. Quality and performance come at a price, so be prepared to pay a pretty penny for this item. If wireless is not your thing, you can opt for the older wired variant.