Black Desert Mobile Launches Everfrost Region and Introduces the Mighty Guardian Class 1

Black Desert Mobile Launches Everfrost Region and Introduces the Mighty Guardian Class

Pearl Abyss has just made a significant announcement for Black Desert Mobile fans: the unveiling of the frost-covered Everfrost region and the mighty Guardian class, now available to all players. The new updates promise to enrich the gaming experience with a wave of bone-chilling new story quests and formidable attacks.

The Everfrost region presents a pure white snowy landscape, riddled with icy terrains and spine-tingling enemies. Here, new players can dive into five distinctive stories after their initial gameplay of 10 minutes, earning combat power equivalent to the popular Mediah region. Veteran players can look forward to new accessory grades, formidable boss monsters, and intriguing content that enhances the overall gameplay and progression.

A unique feature of the Everfrost region is the icy climate that requires players to consume ‘Citron Tea’ to ward off the freezing cold. Players can also engage in epic battles with Erebjork, the formidable world boss, by obtaining the Dreadwinter Heart item. A maximum of 30 players defeating Erebjork will be entitled to thrilling rewards.

Additionally, the Eilton Defense Battle Content allows players to protect the village’s artifacts and receive coveted rewards such as ‘Voidsent Eye’ and ‘Unknown Memory(Necklace)’.

The Guardian class, a powerful female warrior, brings a fresh dynamic to the game with a mighty Battle Axe and Battle Shield that can penetrate enemy defenses. With main skills including Bonechill Strike, Hellfrost, Shield Blitz, and Call of the Dragon, the Guardian class can overwhelm foes with raw power, making her an essential addition to the player’s arsenal.

To celebrate the expansion, Black Desert Mobile is hosting an array of in-game events and community activities. Players can explore the Guardian class in daily missions, unlocking special rewards like the Fortune Scroll, Red Bean Bun, and Restoration Scroll. Plus, the Everfrost Expedition rewards players with exciting gifts including Path of Glory Extra Entry Pass, Citron Tea, Ancient Inscribed Glyph, and more.

The celebration continues outside the game with community events encouraging players to share strategies and tips about the new update, participate in a Gleam giveaway event, and take part in an Emoji/Sticker/GIF Contest inspired by the Everfrost & Guardian update. Players stand to win fantastic rewards like 2,000 Black Pearls, an All-Inclusive Plus Chest, an in-game “Bookworm” title, a Backbone One controller for mobile devices, and much more.

This significant update to Black Desert Mobile comes as an exciting development for players, as they immerse themselves in the icy landscapes of Everfrost and harness the power of the mighty Guardian. For more information on the update and the events, please check out the detailed blog post [here].

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