Black Desert Online Releases 'Land of the Morning Light' - Korean-Inspired Expansion 1

Black Desert Online Releases ‘Land of the Morning Light’ – Korean-Inspired Expansion

Black Desert Online, the acclaimed MMORPG developed and published by Pearl Abyss, has rolled out its most significant expansion to date, ‘Land of the Morning Light.’ This highly anticipated expansion, drawing inspiration from Korea’s last dynastic kingdom, the Joseon period, is now globally available. To mark this milestone, all game packages, encompassing the base game, are now offered at a 50% discount on Steam and the official website.

The sale, which began on June 14 following regular maintenance on the official website, will run through June 28. On Steam, the 50% off promotion starts on June 15 at 10:00 PDT and concludes on June 29 at 10:00 PDT. Players who already own Black Desert Online can access the new expansion free of charge.

In the ‘Land of the Morning Light,’ players will embark on an immersive journey through a region steeped in authentic Korean culture. The expansion introduces players to striking new landscapes, intricate architecture, formidable bosses, and an intriguing narrative told through non-linear quest lines, 80 cutscenes, 40 vignettes, and 6,000 fully-dubbed lines.

To authentically recreate historical landmarks within the game, Pearl Abyss visited and studied 15 real-world locations, collaborating with 11 local Korean government agencies. Landmarks like the Shimnidae Forest, which draws inspiration from Juknokwon (Bamboo Forest), and Nampo Gate, reminiscent of the Sangdang Sanseong Fortress, are just a few of the immersive locales players can explore.

The expansion also breathes life into characters from Korea’s beloved folktales. Players can face off against Sangoon, the fiery tiger-like Mountain God, meet Gumiho, the enchanting nine-tailed fox, and more.

Moreover, ‘Land of the Morning Light’ marks a significant shift away from traditional monster grinding, introducing eight new bosses that players must conquer to advance through the narrative. Each boss, including the fearsome serpentine Imoogi (set to debut after launch), presents unique combat strategies, demanding players adapt their tactics to defeat each one.

In addition to these boss encounters, a new competitive challenge called ‘Boss Blitz’ has been added. Upon defeating a boss in this mode, players can return to face up to 10 customized “Calamity” difficulty levels, competing for top spots in weekly rankings categorized by character class.

The expansion doesn’t just introduce new landscapes and characters; it also brings significant quality-of-life improvements, including potent new gear and special items aimed at enhancing gameplay. Among the coveted items are the eagerly awaited “Dahn’s Gloves,” the “Belt of Taebaek,” the “Jewel of Illusion,” and the potent “Deboreka Earring.”

Players will also enjoy unique new housing structures designed for both larger indoor and outdoor social gatherings, such as “Shimhyangje,” a spacious manor furnished with new traditional furniture and vast outdoor patios. Furthermore, the revamped “Panokseon” ship will provide a thrilling new dimension to sea-faring adventures, boasting impressive combat capabilities and ample room for a large crew.

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